Wednesday, January 12, 2011

yummy in my tummy (meal planning week 2)

What's cookin' good lookin'? Welcome to week two of Desiree's meal planning new year. I know we are already half way through the week, but I'm still writing about it anyway. Again, if you'd like recipes let me know which ones and I'll post {ahhemm Meagan}.

BBQ chicken
scalloped potatoes
green beans

frittata on toasted deli flats
roasted red potatoes

out to eat at Ruby Tuesday

spaghetti with meat sauce
black beans

chicken piccata with macaroni

teriyaki pork chops with apple chutney
spanish rice

chicken cordon bleu
onions, peppers, and green beans
white rice

Let's review the frittata, or as I like to call it my big fat fail. The recipe calls to cook the eggs and yummy fillings in a cast iron skillet for a couple minutes on the stove top and then stick it under the broiler to finish it up. The hubs said I shouldn't use the cast iron on our flat top electric stove because it'll ruin the stove {even though I see my mom do it all.the.time.} so instead I used a normal nonstick pan and tried to cook it entirely on the stove.

Ummm FAIL. I burnt the bottom of the eggs and the smell and taste just seeped all throughout making the whole thing taste nasty. Sad day. At least the roasted red potatoes were yummy. Thank goodness for Stax seasoning.


  1. You could use your cast iron on the smooth top range but you could also scratch it doing that. That'd be a majorly sad day. :(

  2. Next time... use your regular pan and if it has a plastic handle cover it in foil. I normally bake it not broil. We had one for breakfast yesterday...yummy