Wednesday, May 26, 2010

hi my name is desiree and I'm addicted to...

I'm addicted to junky, high-drama, uncomplicated plot line, amazing "reality" tv. Seriously-in-love.

On that note, welcome home wednesday will be delayed this week because I can't will myself off the couch and away from the tv...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

kelly green

I've been feeling so lazy lately. I don't want to cook, clean, blog, sew, scrapbook, work out, watch tv, any of it. Guess I'm just ehh. I want to plan a vacation, or a party, something. I need to feel some sore of purpose to do things, not just because I feel like it. So here's my cop-out post for tonight since this is all I can manage at the moment.

kelly green dress - Gap
white jean jacket - Kohl's
green and white shell necklace - NY&Co

take me back tuesday: stuffed animal obsession

You could say I had a slight obsession with stuffed animals growing up. Just ask my mom how many we recently pulled out of her attic. I just couldn't help myself. They were all my babies and had personalities and feelings.

Here I am posing with my most recent addition to the family. I loved Boyds Bears. There was a little shop down the street from where my grandmother lived that we would often visit. The shop always smelled like potpourri. I would hunt around and around until I found the most perfect little stuffed creature. I still have all of them stored away for a future daughter.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

fashion show at the race track

Greetings from the Lowes Motor Speedway! The hubs and I decided to take a trip to Charlotte to go to the All Star race. I have mixed feelings about my very first Nascar race, but the hubs assured me this was the best one to ease me in. It's a shorter race where everyone is just busting to win the cash prize at the finish line. Of course a promise to go outlet shopping tomorrow tipped the scales in his favor.

We checked into our hotel, where they gave us each a fresh homemade chocolate chip cookie, and then made our way to go tailgate.

If you ever want to witness some amazing people watching, a Nascar event is the place to go. We lucked out and ended up parking a couple car lengths from a large group of college kids. The hubs first question was, "So do you think that's a sorority with all of their boyfriends or a fraturnity with all of their girlfriends?" After some time observing we concluded it had to be a fraturnity with all of their girlfriends. The girls were all over the spectrum in their style and personalities to make it a sorority.

I have to say they have made for some excellent fashion viewing. The hubs is better than your best girlfriend when it comes to critiquing the latest trends. We've discussed belting dresses to combat the preggo affect, shorts that are so short the pockets stick out of the bottom, jumpers, and gladiator sandals.

We have determined that I can embrace the jumper trend as long as I stay away from floral patterns and ruffles. We were lucky enough to see a girl wearing a jumper that incorporated both of these things resulting in one hot grandma looking mess.

Also for our viewing pleasure: an I heart beaver t-shirt, a guy in cut off jean overalls, orange hunting hats, girls in cowboy boots, cut off jean shorts in all lengths on guys, large men sporting their fav driver on their t-shirt, and an occassional prep in a polo and boat shoes thrown in for good measure.

If you follow me on twitter, I posted pics of the first two. So far it's been a good day haha!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

welcome home wednesday: the guest room

I know, I know I've been seriously lacking in the posts department. It's not that I don't have stuff to write about, it's more that I'm too lazy to sit down and post. Either way here's the next installment of welcome home wednesday. I loved the way our guest room looked at the rental house. In the new house, it's just - eh. The walls need to be painted or something.

Little Miss Sophia would be the kitty in the picture. We try to keep the animals out of the guest room for our friends that are allergic, therefore when the door is open they all rush to explore the forbidden.

I really love how we have an actual matching bedroom set. Here's the dressing table. Too bad it's in our guest room and not the master (reason being because the bed is a full and our master bed is a queen).

Notice the lovely pile of computers on the floor. Seriously how many does one man need?

I keep all of our curtains closed so the house will stay cooler and I was too lazy to open the curtain back up before taking pictures - it was night time any way. 

My first try at a picture collage. They always seem so much prettier in magazines. 

In the old guest room I painted the walls a blue-grey color and the red comforter really popped. I'd like to paint the walls that color again.

Close up of the pictures on top of the bookcase. And why yes, we do live in the south. Why do you ask?

My Coca-Cola polar bear lamp and alarm clock. 

Close ups of the collage.

My high school marching band awards and the hubs' boy scout eagle awards.

More eagle stuff and hubs in his high school ROTC uniform.

I love the picture in the bottom left corner. Hubs used to go on bateau trips down the James River (I think James) and that's him passed out on top of the crate on the bateau (boy on the left).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

take me back tuesday: boston

Growing up in Massachusetts we often took trips into Boston. Sometimes educational, sometimes just for fun. This trip included friends of my parents who we see once in a blue moon. I remember having a slight crush on one of their boys. 

Pretty sure I thought I was the hottness in those sunglasses. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

welcome home wednesday: the craft room

The next room on the tour is my little sanctuary, my little slice of heave, my craft room. I love being creative and having a specific space to do anything I want. Here's where my room comes into play:

This was the only room that needed to be painted right away. It previously had lime green and grey squares on the walls. The hubs let me paint it two shades of pink!

The closet.

My mom gave me the chest of drawers. She refinished it herself and I just loved it, so instead of selling it at a consignment store she let me have it. I have it filled with all my craft supplies.

My old day bed is in this room. I just like to have the option of an extra bed just in case, plus I have lots of craft supplies stored underneath it.

The hanging light fixture was left by the previous owner, but had lime green shades. A little switcheroo and it makes for the perfect light over the table.

My craft table and tack board. 

A look into the closet. Of course it's filled with more craft things! It's all nice and neat though so I can find everything.

My ballerina painting was the very first painting my grandmother made for me. I danced for 15 years and miss it terribly.

You can't tell from this picture, but that's my playboy lava lamp. We got it on our honeymoon in Vegas.

My very special stuffed animals. Each one has a story.

My goose girl painting. Another one by Memere.

I never realized just how many year books we have until I put them all in one spot.

This poem always hung in my grandmother's kitchen and I made it my mission to memorize it and recite it back to her every time I visited. This isn't the original. We learned calligraphy in high school and this was my project.

My perfect little nook. I can scrapbook, sew, paint...whatever I want.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

take me back tuesday: strawberry birthday cake

I love strawberries. Always have and always will. I even like strawberries on my birthday cake. While most girls were asking for barbie cakes, I always asked for strawberries on mine. My 9th (maybe?) birthday was no exception. Truthfully, I had strawberry shortcake for my 24th birthday as well. I told you I'll always love strawberries.

Another beautiful masterpiece made by mom. And look at those bangs! Talk about some thick hair.

Monday, May 10, 2010

laugh out loud moments

Hubs: reading sign chiropractic car...

*slight pause*

Me: what exactly does that mean?

Hubs: it means the "e" peeled off the sign...

Me: oh

*both burst into fits of laughter*

Sunday, May 9, 2010

weekend wrap-up

Thursday: Our friends Kristen and Jason came over for dinner. The hubs and I went to Clemson with both of them. Jason's sister was my roommate for a year and we all met through Tiger Band. Ironically, Jason is now preaching at a church right down the road from where we live. I love going to hear his sermons. I feel much more connected to his church than any other because I know Jason personally. Well they weren't able to come to our house warming so we caught up over dinner instead. I experimented on them with a new recipe but luckily everyone loved it.

Friday: We went to Miyabi's for what's becoming our standard Friday night meet up. The hubs was supposed to go to the Ironman 2 movie afterwards but the show was sold old.

Saturday: The pups got much needed baths. They were well beyond due. We loaded up the car to head to Clemson/Easley/Greenville and swung by the mall to get the hubs his new toy. Our friend Carl got him limited edition Oakley Mosey Oak sunglasses. I think they're extremely redneck therefore the hubs is in love.

On the way to Clemson, I called to see if the fabric store in Iva happened to be open this weekend. Just my luck, it was! This place is to die for. Fabric heaven! We were on a bit of a time crunch, but if we weren't I think I could have spent hours in there. We ended up leaving with these:

Fabric to make throw pillows for the new couch. We weren't aiming for a perfect match, but it certainly is dang close.

Fabric to recover the old couch. I was going to just make a slip cover but the hubs wants to attempt to fully cover the whole thing. We'll see how this project goes.

Close up. It's just a very neutral color, but I think the new green couch makes enough of a statement on its own.

That evening we headed to the hubs' godparents' house for dinner to celebrate George's 85th birthday. This was the entire reason we traveled this weekend. You only turn 85 once! It was nice to spend time with family even if they aren't blood related.

Sunday: The mother-in-law came to have breakfast with all of us before she headed to Atlanta with my sister-in-law and niece to see Princess Diana's wedding dress...again. Whatever floats your boat, right? We gave her etched glasses with an S on them from the Crystal Shoppe for mother's day. Unfortunately the hubs let her open them while I was in the shower so I didn't get to see her reaction. She said she loves them though. 

After they left we headed to Greenville so the hubs could help his dad dig out a push lawn mower he wanted to give us. I took a nap. I'm such a helpful wife. We then ate at Stax Omega. I love eating at Stax, yum. When we got home the hubs fiddled with the mower a bit and it started right up. He mowed our front yard so we don't look ghetto anymore. I'm sure our neighbors appreciate it. 

Now we're ending the night with a glass of pinot noir and a movie. I love Sundays.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

comfort foods

I find the way we link things together in our memories to be amazing. I know people often associate smells with a certain moment. The scent can bring you to an exact point in your life and a snap shot pops into your head. For me food can do the same. I adore food, but certain food is just...comforting. Most have to do with my grandmother.

Coffee Milk
Not chocolate, not strawberry, coffee. Weekends were often spent at my grandparents' house having sleepovers. After changing into pajamas for the evening, we would gather in the family room to watch tv and my grandmother would make me a glass of coffee milk accompanied by my next comfort food...

Raisin Bran
This probably explains my obsession with having cereal for dinner. The hubs thinks it's weird, but I love it. During the college years when I was eating dinner alone, no one was there to stop me from having a bowl of cereal.

PB & J Sandwiches
I understand about 99% of kids have had PB & J sandwiches, but mine were special. My mom would take cookie cutters to make them into fun shapes. After I got into the car accident and was stuck in bed for the entire summer, I requested PB & J cookie cutter sandwiches more times than I could count. It didn't matter that I was 18, it made me feel better.

Ginger Ale
Glass bottles of Shweppes ginger ale could always been found in my grandparents fridge. My grandmother would always put a straw in the bottle. Perfect.

IBC Root Beer
Unlike the ginger ale, the root beer was always kept in the pantry. Most likely because only the grandchildren drank it. I can still remember making a special trip to the pantry to grab two bottles to put in the fridge for later.

Dunkin Donuts Boston Cream Donuts
Besides the fact that these suckers are beyond yummy, they're a bit special. Sunday mornings were spent picking up donuts on the way to my uncle's house for breakfast. I always picked the Boston Cream one. I can't eat Boston Cream donuts from anywhere besides Dunkin Donuts. 

What foods take you back? What are your comfort foods?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

welcome home wednesday: the living room

Onto the next room in our house! Sorry for such a late post. I could have sworn I already wrote the post and had it set up to publish this morning. Se la vi...

Looking into the living room from the dining room. The furniture looks a bit hodge podge in the pictures, but I think it looks better in person.

The hallway to the bedrooms off the left of the living room. The rocking chair was from Danny's godmother I believe. It'll be perfect when we have babies.

Our old couch is a sleeper sofa which would be why we still have it. I plan on making a slip cover to liven it up a bit.

The hubs and our friend Matt mounted the new tv over the fireplace. It was a bit weird at first, but now I love having it there.

The window looks into our backyard and quite frequently you can see a puppy peeking through. Waldo would be the handsome devil lounging on the couch.

Our new couch. It may be green but I'm in love. It's soooo comfortable and perfect for lounging.

The couch was just made for this corner. It fits perfectly.

Looking at the dining room from the living room.

Built in shelves that even have a display light.

Close up of the shelves. Obviously we're Clemson fans. Most of our collection fits here. I love the picture hanging to the right. My sister-in-law stumbled upon it at a local store in Clemson and it just happens to be of me when I was in Tiger Band!

More Clemson memorabilia. 

The hubs recently received these civil war prints from his parents, one for Christmas and one for his birthday.

I love being organized. These shelves were originally a faux wood grain, but add a can (or two) of black spray paint and viola! It now matches and holds all of our DVDs...and yes they are alphabetized. 

Another little shelf that we sprayed black. This one holds overflow movies, video games, controllers, and the such.

Our diplomas! So proud of these babies.

The tiger in the center was another piece painted by my grandmother. Crazy thing is that she passed away a couple years before I even thought about college, let alone Clemson. When I saw the tiger painting just sitting in her house I knew it was meant for me. I always feel connected to her through it, like somehow she knew my future.

My love bug devil kitty. Talk about a personality!

Hope you enjoyed the walk through my living room. Every night when I sit down to blog, you can find me nestled in the corner of my lovely green couch with junky tv playing in the background (you know RHONY, the Hills, the CIty, the really good stuff).