Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Haddie-Lynn: eleven months

Dear Haddie-Lynn,

My little miss, you are eleven months old! You are such a beautiful little bundle of joy. The happiest baby about 95% of the time. Always smiling, laughing, clapping, and babbling. Your favorite song is "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!" You adore you big brother and he adores you just as much. You are his baby. 

You are sleeping from 7pm to 7am nearly every night. There are still the occasional middle of the night wake ups, but they don't happen too often. You sometimes nap at daycare, but definitely nap for mama at home. You typically will take a 2 hour nap right after lunch and then you are ready to go go go again.

You are doing really well with eating like a big girl. You haven't refused much although you are definitely starting to show preferences. Your favorite foods are fruits. Mama has to hide the banana if she wants you to eat anything else first because once it's locked into your sight, game over. You have three teeth now! You'll be eating cheeseburgers in no time, hehe.

You still nurse first thing in the morning and right before bed, but the times in the middle are a little all over the place. You'll nurse at least once in the middle of the day but you are such a busy body that it's normally not for long. In general though, you are a much faster nurser than your brother ever was. Even when you are sleepy, you are done in about 20 minutes total.

You are wearing 6m, 9m, and 12m dresses (ahh the beauty of a dress), but definitely only 12m footie pajamas. Those footies aren't going to last much longer either. You are a tall girl for sure. We will have to see how much you have grown at your 1-year check up. We did open up your diapers all the way right as your turned 11m, so you are on the longest stride and two rows open around the waist.

You are starting to understand the word no, and let's just say you aren't a fan. You have quite an opinion on things and if something doesn't go your way, you let us know. We keep reminding bubba to keep his toys out of your reach because they are the first things you go after. When you do manage to grab one, prying it out of your grasp isn't fun haha.

You still aren't crawling in the traditional sense, but that doesn't stop you from scooting across the room in the blink of an eye. You can still get around and get into trouble. If you fall over, you've finally realized you can push yourself back up. If you cry just right though, bubba will come to your rescue and help you up. He hates to see you stuck. You love love love your jumperoo. You may not like to stand up with help, but you'll jump your little heart out.

We all love you so so so much. You are our princess, our baby girl, our sweetness. You make our family complete. You're full of sass and full of love.

Bubs and sissy at eleven months

All my love,

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