Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 26th

Arrrrgggggg matey! For Shannon's birthday she had a pirate themed murder mystery party. It was too much! Unfortunately the week before the party Georgia was hit by a lot of rain and Shannon's parents' basement was flooded. The party was planned before the rain and now we didn't have a basement to have it in. Shannon's neighbors offered up their house, but last minute we decided to wing it and have it at her parents' house anyway. It was still a blast.

Everyone dressed up for the occassion, even the dog Riley. I think Shannon's father's get-up was by far the best. He took some creative liberty with his character and decided to be a gay captain. Hilarious! The best part of the night was that I won! Johanna and I were the only two to guess the murderer correctly. Memories were made!

Whitney & Matt

Riley the pirate dog

Mickey making his entrance

Shannon dancing

best friends

she'll slit your throat

Kelly and Ashley

break it down

it was a bit hot

he's been murdered!


the winners!

Shannon blowing out her candles

Martha breaking it down with her two daughters

David and Shannon

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23rd

The hubby always knows how to turn a bad day into a good one. He brought home flowers, something he never does.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 19th

Danny and I traveled to Clemson again for the Boston College game. When we woke up Saturday morning it was pretty ugly outside. It was dreary and rain was bound to show up at some point in the day. Danny's sister had mentioned that her, her mom, and the kids were going to go shopping in Asheville. As I looked outside I weighed my options -- sit at a cold rainy game OR go shopping in Asheville. Which do you think I picked?

I kissed Danny goodbye as he headed to campus and I was off with Kathy and the kids to pick up Harriette on the way. We had a good time (well I always have a good time shopping). They introduced me to a discount china shop. It's a store that receives all the leftovers from department stores and guess what? They had my dog dishes (Woodland by Spode in case you're wondering). I am completely in love with my dog dishes even though they weren't my first pick for wedding china. Danny and I had already picked out Ethereal by Wedgewood and then later down the line I spotted Woodland. I specifically loved the hunting dog line and tada, we now have two china patterns.

Ethereal by Wedgewood (our first china pattern)

Woodland Hunting Dogs by Spode (our second and my favorite)

The main purpose for the trip was to go to this to-die-for fabric shop that Kathy and Harriette always talk about, Waechters. It was pretty fantastic, but with fantastic fabric comes un-fantastic prices. I ended up buying three different fabrics to make a dress for me, a jacket for me, and a dress for Ashley. I really need to stop buying fabric and just finish the projects I already have!
After the fabric store we made a stop by the Biltmore gift shop to pick up some wine. We had planned to get ice cream as well but found out the shop had closed. After some searching in the GPS we found a Cold Stone to satisfy everyone. Nothing like ending a shopping trip with some sweets.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 9th

It had been entirely too long since I last talked with, let alone saw, my friend Maria. Danny had gone out of town for the Clemson game at Georgia Tech, so we decided to meet up at the Mellow Mushroom downtown.

Mellow Mushroom has some of the most amazing pizza ever. I had forgotten how good it is. We caught up on what had been going on in our lives and then I followed her to her new house. It's adorable! She got it in a foreclosure sale and has been fixing it up. I know how she feels when it comes to fixing up houses. We put plenty of blood, sweat, and tears into our rental house. I told her she needs to come see our house soon (but not too soon because I'm still working on the cabinet doors).

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 6th

While Danny and I were in the upstate for the Clemson game, we visited with his godparents Nita and George. On Sunday we met them at their church in Easley and then had lunch at their house. It was nice chit-chating and catching up. Both Nita and George told us interesting stories about their past and their families.

On Monday we met up with them again to go exploring. We went to Caesar's Head and Pisgah. We had a picnic lunch in the park. I took some beautiful pictures. It was the perfect day for it too, sunny with a nice breeze. They want to take us to explore some other areas soon.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 5th

Clemson football is here!!! The start of football season has officially begun. Danny and I, of course, traveled to Clemson for the season opener. It was actually a pretty sweet deal. Danny got to do the band thing and watch the game from the field, while I got a ticket with Neil and his family friends Hank and Simmons. The tickets were lower deck, visitor's side, 20 yard line -- not bad.

The only downer to the game was that it rained (well rain/mist) the entire second half of the game and cleared up just as the game came to an end. Oh well, I still had fun.

Neil with an orange bud light

90 minutes before kickoff

Tiger Dancers

Tiger Twirlers

Tiger Guard

Tiger Band