Monday, May 9, 2016

Haddie-Lynn: eight months

Dear Haddie-Lynn,

Another wonderful month with our wonderful girl. Your personality is a little sassy and a whole lot of sweet. You really do smile nonstop. Everyone loves to tell us what a great baby you are and I couldn't agree more. 

We've got a good little routine going on these days. Feeding is the same as last month, with nursing on the 3s and two 4oz servings of solids per day. We've added a few new things: spinach, chicken, and oranges. You also have your first tooth! You'll be chomping down food in no time.

You are starting to grow out of some of your 6m clothing. Things that snap like footies and onesies are getting a bit tight. You are a long and lean little girl. With the warmer weather, you've been wearing more dresses though, so those will fit for awhile. You've also moved up to the medium stride in your cloth diapers. 

Bedtime has changed a little bit. We've pushed up your last feeding to 8 and then you are down for the night. Mama was noticing that after your 6 o'clock feeding you were falling asleep in your mamaroo and then I would wake you at 9 to eat and go to bed. Why not wake you at 8 to eat and go to bed? This way mama and daddy have a little time before they need to go to bed too. You seemed to adjust to this no problem.

Another bedtime development is that you are now in your crib! It's only been about a week but you seem to be doing just fine! You fuss just a little bit until you start sucking on your fingers and then you just go right to sleep. I still can't believe that you are a finger sucker. You flat out refuse any sort of passy at all. It makes me a little sad. I loved the passy days with your brother.

You don't really show any desire on becoming mobile. No signs of crawling and you won't even bear weight through your legs yet. Anytime someone tries to stand you up, you tuck your little legs under your bottom. Oh well, no need to rush this sort of thing. You'll do it when you're ready. You are becoming really good at sitting up unassisted though!

It seems that Waldo has become your kitty of sorts. Every morning he comes into your nursery with me and waits by my feet as your nurse. As soon as your done and I sit you up, he hops into my lap so you can pet him. It's equally adorable and strange haha. Waldo has always been our unpredictable cat, but he seems to love on you no matter how much you might grab at his ears or tail.

Daddy and bubba still get the best smiles out of you. You get so excited to see your boys and start flapping your hands up and down. In the morning, I take you into bubba's room to wake him up and you both start the day with big smiles when I do. I adore seeing how much y'all love each other. Bubba and daddy both love to make you giggle. It is the sweetest sight.

Bubs and sissy at eight months

We all love you so so much baby girl!

All my love, 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

30 by 30: final verdict

The finals on my 30 by 30 list.

Have 2nd baby.
2013 - Haha! God willing not anytime soon. I'd say closer to my 29th birthday.
2015 - Right on schedule, baby girl is due this September.
2016 – Haddie-Lynn made her debut September 9th.

Get current with scrapbooking. I'm working on 2010 right now {and by working I mean that's where I stopped right before I had Quinn...}.
2013 - Ummm haven't touched it. I keep trying to get the room cleared so we can paint and organize and I'll have my space again.
2015 - Allison and I were skyping on Thursday nights and then back in February did a marathon weekend. I believe I am now halfway through 2012.
2016 – Allison and I had another scrap weekend and I finished 2012.

Get 2nd holes pierced in my ears. I want to be able to wear the diamond studs the hubs gave me everyday.
2013 - Nope, still chicken.
2015 - Annndddd, still not doing it. Probably should just cross this one off the list.
2016 – Still nope.

Establish a workout routine.
2013 - Doing it! I'm working out 6 days a week following the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge.
2015 - Well I had joined Planet Fitness and was trying to go minimum 3 times per week. I was mildly successful until I got pregnant. Now I'm trying to find the energy to start again.
2016 – Try, try, try again. I have a new fitbit and am logging my food in my fitness pal.

No credit card debt.
2013 - Two of my three cards are clear!
2015 - There's a little something on all three cards…whomp whomp. 
2016 – One card is clear and working on the other two.

Visit five new places.
2013 - Nothing yet, but we are planning on going to Savannah for our anniversary.
2015 - We did end up going to Savannah and we just returned from Beaufort this past weekend.
2016 – Savannah and Beaufort ended up being it.

Read the Bible.
2013 - I'm still following She Reads Truth on and off.
2015 - Fell off the bandwagon completely. 
2016 – Started Bible journaling and really loving it.

Own a beach house or have an awesome rental.
2013 - We are trying a new rental on Isle of Palms this summer. Fingers crossed we'll want to use it again the next year.
2015 - We switched to Hilton Head last summer and we are renting the same condo this summer.
2016 – Going to HHI again this summer but trying a new condo.

Join Junior League.
2013 - Nope.
2015 - Still nope and probably not likely with a baby on the way. 
2016 – Still a goal but more likely in another year or so.

Maintain a size 8 figure {almost there already!}.
2013 - Done! I actually fit into size 6 jeans and size 8 dress pants.
2015 - Before pregnancy I was teetering between an 8 and 10 soooo not the best. Hopefully I can do better after baby comes. 
2016 – Giving myself grace after having my second baby, but working towards eating healthy.

Sew ten projects for me.
2013 - Does pinning ten new projects count? No?
2015 - I'm fairly certain I accomplished this goal. I made a ton of appliqué shirts for myself, a tote bag, and some things for Quinn that I wanted to do. I'm about to sew new bedding and curtains for baby girl's nursery too. 
2016 – I did get to sew all of the nursery bedding/curtains plus a coming home outfit along with some monogramming and applique.

Create the perfect craft room {I feel like this will be an always ongoing project..}.
2013 - Now that I have my card catalog, I've got another piece of the puzzle!
2015 - It's done! Now it just has to be moved, ugh. Current craft room will become the nursery and current guest room will become a new combo room. We've ordered a sleeper sofa, which should be ready end of this month and then the rearranging will begin.
2016 – The craft room was successfully moved and organized and now it’s having some slight tweaks in preparation to be a shared office with the hubs.

Host a fancy dinner party using our wedding china.
2013 - Hmm, not exactly. Christmas Eve dinner we ate off our wedding china, but we also were in our pjs, ha!
2015 - Still not yet BUT we did tons of renovations on the dining room/kitchen area so it's ready for a party now.
2016 – No dinner party, maybe soon.

Read 30 books.
2013 - Yikes, haven't even started this.
2015 - Sigh, no, but I predict the kindle will get some major usage once I'm breastfeeding again. 
2016 – Still haven’t started, but going to work on it.

Find a church we love.
2013 - We started going to St. Paul's. TBD if it's the perfect fit.
2015 - St. Paul's has become a perfect fit and of course I find out today our pastor is being reassigned. Sigh. 
2016 – We love our church and we love our new pastor.

Visit my great-grandfather's grave at Arlington.
2013 - Nope.
2015 - Still nope.
2016 – Nope again. 

Go out on the Sky Walk at the Grande Canyon.
2013 - Nope.
2015 - Still nope. 
2016 – Nope again.

Start a college savings account for Quinn.
2013 - Nope.
2015 - No…hides shamefully. I did try but then I got mad at the bank and closed the account.  
2016 – Done, for both kids.

Have a family portrait taken every year {we already have a session scheduled for this year with my fav girl, Erica!}.
2013 - We had pictures taken in November, so I plan on having them done again this November.
2015 - We have kept this tradition alive! Erica took two family sessions last year plus our baby announcement pics and she'll be doing maternity pics this summer. (Then newborn pics…I'll be keeping her busy for sure.)
2016 – Still going strong with Erica.

Create five family traditions that we repeat yearly.
2013 - This past Christmas I started a tradition of the Christmas Eve box. Everyone received Christmas pjs and there was a movie and hot chocolate included for later.
2015 - the Christmas Eve box is still going strong. We also added Toodles the Elf on a Shelf into the mix. I can't think of any others though.
2016 – Christmas Eve box, Toodles and Sprinkles the Elves, and that’s about it.

Start a prayer journal.
2013 - Nope.
2015 - Kinda bummed I forgot about this one. Must remedy.  
2016 – I started Bible journaling instead.

Start a vegetable garden.
2013 - Nope.
2015 - Uhhh no. We might be getting closer though. We are putting in a pool this spring and hubs has suggested adding some garden boxes. 
2016 – Danny is working on the deck with garden boxes currently.

Visit Yellow Stone.
2013 - Nope.
2015 - Nope. 
2016 – Still nope.

Establish a yearly party {4th of July maybe?}.
2013 - Nope.
2015 - Does Quinn's birthday party count? 
2016 – Giving up on this one.

Bake a cake from scratch.
2013 - Ha! Box mixes forever.
2015 - Still rocking the box mixes and I might be ok with that. 
2016 – I’m just going to be a box mix girl.

Get my concealed weapons permit.
2013 - We have our class scheduled for this October.
2015 - Done! 
2016 – Check.

Catalog our Christmas ornaments.
2013 - Was going to do it this past Christmas, but didn't.
2015 - Still no and I might give myself a pass on this one.
2016 – Still passing on this one.

Learn how to can the vegetables from our garden.
2013 - Nope.
2015 - Got lots of goodies that will help me with the process, but have yet to actually follow through. I'm thinking this one might go more hand in hand with when we actually have a garden. 
2016 – Feeling guilty that I have the stuff but haven’t buckled down to do it.

Learn how to crochet.
2013 - Nope.
2015 - No…and do I really need to add in another craft hobby to my arsenal??
2016 – Think I’m going to pass on this one.

Find my signature drink.
2013 - Nope.
2015 - Nope. 
2016 – And nope.

Final tallies:
Complete – 10
In process – 14
Decided to pass – 6