Friday, August 22, 2014

cursed car, mickey mouse, & elton john

How's that for a blog title? I truly believe the back bumper of my car is cursed. I've replaced it 4 times now with some dings in between the big dents. About a month ago someone backed into me in the parking garage, but they were nice enough to leave a note and their insurance paid for a new bumper.

A week ago, we had gone out to dinner after work on Friday and hubs noticed there was a small scratch in the middle with some purple paint left behind. Wouldn't you know, the next Monday I noticed that a purple car always parks right across from me. Major side eye to you Mr. Purple who didn't leave a note.

Wednesday I went to go run errands during my lunch and found this. Ugh! Someone swiped my car and just kept on going. I don't know why I have such bad car karma. I think the bumper needs to have a scratch on it at all times.

So while I was out I did a little retail therapy. I had seen the Too Faced Country palette advertised in the Ulta mailer and could not stop thinking about it. The car ding is just what I needed to push me over the edge and I made that pretty palette mine. I've used it twice now and love the colors. They go really well with my brown eyes and how cute are the color names?!

Later that night, hubs walked through the door and handed me these pretties. Cute little pink flowers can always put a smile on my face.

Oh my Mickey loving boy. The other morning he told me he wanted to have his picture taken with his big Mickey, lovies, and passy. How could I saw no to that? We have a smaller, more portable Mickey, but the big guy is what he wants to tote around lately.

Bubs has been taking him in the car for the ride to daycare. Yesterday morning he told me "Mama, he's my best friend!" Love it. I've also got him trained now to say "cheeseburger" and smile whenever I hold up a camera/phone.

When I went to pick Quinn up from daycare, I somehow brought home a little baby Elton John. HA! One of his teachers had given him these sunglasses and they crack me up.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

bathroom remodel: phase one

So when we bought our house I knew the main bathroom was going to need some love and attention. I mean y'all, it was yellow-green baby food color. Ick. We avoided doing anything in there because we knew it was going to be a beast, and a beast it was. 

It all started back in May when I wanted the hubs to paint the guest room. Our house has an intercom system that doesn't work, so hubs has been removing the boxes from the walls and patching the holes. He removed the box in the guest room and thought "might as well do the bathroom one too." That turned into "well if we're going to be patching holes, might as well remove the toothbrush holder/soap dish/toilet paper holder/towel bar that's in the wall", which led to "well we want to remove the mirror and light fixture and make it two mirrors and two lights fixtures", and then "we need to change out the light fixture and fan in the ceiling" and OMG Y'ALL my bathroom was a wreck!

Here's the one before picture I could find on my phone. It ain't pretty. Not only is the wall color atrocious, but the paint job itself was just as bad. One coat with brush strokes everywhere. Ugh. Hubs had to sand the entire bathroom.

Fast forward to last weekend and hubs was finally able to prime everything. Good golly Kilz stinks! It filled up the whole house and gave me a major headache. I don't know how he could stand it actually being in the room and painting. I helped paint the trim and hubs did the rest. God bless him because I stink at it. 

Last night we were able to hang everything up. New mirrors, new light fixtures, new towel bars, new toilet paper holder, and best of all NO MORE BABY FOOD COLORED WALLS!

They grey is perfect…after I went back to Lowe's and had it re-tinted. I picked a shade that was too light and looked white, so we went for one shade darker and I love it. It compliments the blue-grey tile perfectly. 

Bathrooms are expensive though! Everything added up quickly. I found the mirrors at Homegoods for only $40 a piece. Such a steal since everything else I liked seemed to start at $100 a piece.

The bathroom feels much more soothing now with all of the cool tone colors. I plan on hanging some navy curtains as soon as I buy a curtain rod this afternoon. We're taking a break from the remodel for now, but we're definitely not done. 

Phase two includes a new tile floor, a new countertop/cabinet base, and adding a second sink. This second part is going to really add up so we need to save some pennies first. For now, I'm as happy as a clam!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

big boy bed

When we were at the beach this past month, we came to the realization that Quinn was too big for his pack n play. The poor thing couldn't stretch out in it and after waking up from a nap crying, we decided to give a big bed a go. The condo we were staying in happened to have a toddler railing, so we set it up and he did wonderfully. Once we were back home, bubs immediately asked for a big boy bed in his room, ha! It wasn't exactly part of the plan, but we already had furniture for him stored at hubs' parents' house so we went and picked it up. 

While the furniture is in great condition, it wasn't exactly what I envisioned for the big boy room, so bubs had to wait a couple more weeks while I painted the bed. I told him Friday morning it was all ready and he would get to sleep in his big boy bed that night. He was pumped!

He was so excited I could not get him to sit still and smile for a picture. He wanted to check it all out and make sure all of his friends were accounted for.

And of course there had to be some wrestling with daddy to really start off the big boy status. Lots of giggles.

His new quilt came in the mail Saturday evening, so it was washed and added to the bed Sunday morning. He loves his anchor sheets and new blankie, as he calls it. He did so well sleeping in it too! I was worried he would get out of bed on his own about a million times, but he didn't. Not even once! He did so well each night and each nap. I'm very proud of my big boy.

The hubs was finally able to prime our bathroom on Saturday, so Quinn and I headed to the park. It was operation wear him out so he would take a good nap. I'd say we were quite successful.

He loves being able to go down the slides all by himself. He kept shouting, "watch mama!" and it made my day. He also shared his chalk with another little boy (after a bit of coaxing haha).

I was embroidering some shirts when little man woke up and of course he wanted to see what I was doing. It didn't last long though. He sat in my lap for about two minutes and then promptly raced off to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I could hear him singing the theme song down the hallway. Adorable.

I've started making different appliqué designs and selling the shirts through my Facebook page. So far it's been a lot of fun. The only problem is that I pretty much want to make one of each for myself too ha.

This morning I went to get Quinn ready for daycare and he was still out cold. He had wriggled himself underneath his new quilt and he looked so precious. The hidden bonus to the big boy bed would have to be that he looks so tiny in that big bed. He still looks like my little angel baby.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

well hello there

Anyone still here? No? So it's been almost a year since I blogged and well, life man. It gets in the way. Instead of writing about it I was just out doing it. I've thought about coming back before, but then the gap in time just seemed too big so I'd let some more time pass by.

My friend Meg wrote about how she missed reading about everyone's lives. I miss it too. Instagram is too easy to do instead. You just let the pictures do all the talking, but sometimes the words are the best part. So I'm going to just hop back into it. I might backfill in some posts, but who knows.

Bubs is quite the ham these days. Thank goodness he loves taking pictures, because I certainly like snapping as many as possible of him. When I tell him "let's go take your picture" he immediately runs to the front sidewalk and starts hamming it up.

I made us matching lime green monogram anchor shirts the other day because, well, why not. Who needs a girl to be matchy with? This mama does it with her boy!

Quinn thought it was great. He exclaimed, "Mama, you have a geen shirt like me!" (We're working on that R in green, but honestly I love when he says "geen" and "lellow")

We're deep into the "let me do it!" phase as well. He wanted to press the white button on my phone to take the picture. Such a smart cookie…it's terrifying.

I'm already trying to think of more matching appliqué ideas. I see Minnie and Mickey in our future for sure!

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Monday, October 14, 2013

slow it down

Not sure how, but we managed to get up on Sunday in time to go to church. Probably what got me out of bed was the fact that we had another busy day planned. We were getting our picture taken for the church directory at 12:15, then zooming off to our old house for the afternoon. We're between renters and wanted to spruce up the yard with some fresh mulch.

Well, God must have been serious about keeping Sunday as a day of rest because after church everything else got canceled. The photographer never showed to take the pictures and my mom called to say the mulch lady had forgotten and went out on the lake for the day!

We all relaxed for the afternoon, taking naps and snuggling on the couch.

Apparently two lovies weren't enough. He had to hold onto four! Sweet boy.

We are totally the best parents ever. While the hubs and I recovered on the couch, we let Quinn play how he saw fit, including climbing into the bed of his truck. That devilish grin was right after I told him to get down. Boys.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

clemson vs boston college game

Woowhee, that was a game! It definitely should not have been as emotional as it was. Thankfully Clemson pulled through in the end.

Our weekend started late late late on Friday night. The hubs had been working all week in Florida, so he had to make the drive all the way home Friday night. Quinn and I got to Clemson around dinner time, but the hubs didn't pull into the driveway until midnight. I stayed up waiting for him which I definitely shouldn't have because someone decided it was time to rise and shine at 6am.

I tried to distract him with some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse watching hoping I could at least close my eyes, but that wasn't good enough.

There was dancing, snacking, and lots of lego playing. Thankfully his cousin Eric came out to play and they could entertain each other.

While we headed off to campus for the afternoon, Kathy and Kevin took all three kids to a pumpkin patch. I believe they ended up having more fun than we did ha!

90 Minutes Before Kickoff is always a good show. Tiger Band never disappoints!

The drumline put out a great show! Love when they add tricks into their routine.

It also happened to be Twirler and Dancer for a Day during pregame. I think there was over 200 little ones out there! So cute! If we have a little girl you better believe I will sign her up for stuff like that haha.

While I struggled to stay awake during the game, my sister-in-law texted me all of these adorable pictures! Proof that Quinn had the BEST time with his cousins. His clothes also served as proof. They were filthy. I even found a couple corn kernels in the washing machine the next day!

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Friday, October 11, 2013

silly mornings

On the very rare occasion that we have some extra time in the morning before needing to leave (99% of the time we're running late), I try and take out my phone to snap some pictures of my silly boy.

Most are normally blurry...

Or have really terrible lighting...

But they're moments...moments of being silly or sweet or a cranky toddler.

I don't want to forget how little he was...

Or the funny faces he made...

So we take pictures together and send them to daddy or memere or papa or whoever else might find it adorable, ha! If I tried to wait for the perfect opportunity with the right light, right camera, right expression, I wouldn't have anything. I'll take my blurry pictures over nothing any day.

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