Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Haddie-Lynn: four months

Dear Haddie-Lynn,

Four months old! That sure was quick! Even though it's gone by in the blink of an eye, it also feels like you've always been a part of our little family. You fit perfectly and complete us. 

You are still eating every 3 hours starting at 6am then 9, 12, and 3 with your last two being slightly modified to 6:30 and 10pm. I believe you might be hitting a growth spurt because there have been some middle-of-the-night wake ups here lately that aren't part of your norm. You take a 5 oz bottle at daycare and suck it down in about 10 minutes while our nursing sessions are at a more leisurely pace of 30-45 minutes.

At your four month check up you weighted 13 lbs (22nd percentile), were 24.75" long (59th percentile), and your head circumference was 16.125" (58th percentile). For comparison sake, your brother was 13.5 lbs, 23.75" long, and 16.5" head circumference.

Your length fully explains why you no longer fit into your 3 month clothes, ha! Three month footies are definitely a thing of the past. I keep trying to squeeze you into your three month outfits but even the two piece ones are looking a bit ridiculous. Mama had to purchase some six month winter clothes since most of your hand-me-downs are dresses and rompers for spring.

You are doing great in the sleep department (except for the recent growth spurt mentioned). You actually go to sleep after your 6:30 feeding and mama wakes you up at 10 for another feeding before she goes to bed for the night. On the weekends where we don't have to leave for daycare, you will sleep until 6-7am and then go back down until your 9am feeding. It's wonderful!

Your teachers at daycare have told us that your little personality is starting to shine. You are just the happiest baby. You love to give all of us big big dimpled smiles, especially towards big brother. He loves to talk to you and tell you stories. He also asks to hold you, watch Baby Einsteins with you, and play toys with you, although that last one is more of him playing with the baby toys and you just watching. You enjoy your new play mat and daddy pulled down the exersaucer this past weekend. Mama needs to clean it up and we'll give it a go. You adore sitting up and are now strong enough for the bumbo. It's the perfect contraption to keep you happy while mama works in the kitchen.

Looking back at your brother's updates he started drooling a lot around this time too, but teeth didn't pop through until several months later. We'll have to see if you follow in his footsteps. 

Just a couple of days ago we had your tongue tie and lip tie revised. Mama is hoping this will help with your latch a bit and not cause her as much pain when you chomp down. You weren't happy with the actual procedure, but your happiness was not subdued afterwards. 

One, Two, Three, and Four Months

Bubs and sissy at four months 

You bring such joy to our lives. You full on giggle now and how can we not smile and giggle with you. Daddy, bubba, and I all love you to the moon and back!

All my love,

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Haddie-Lynn: three months

Dear Haddie-Lynn,

Three sweet months with my very sweet girl just like that. Your little personality is starting to peek through and we just can't get enough. You smile and have started to coo a little bit. It's music to my ears. 

You're eating every 3 hours, 40 minute nursing sessions with mama or a 5 oz bottle with daycare. The length of your nursing session doesn't surprise me because your brother was the exact same way. You are starting to become a bit more interested in the world around you though and will get distracted.

We don't have any official stats this month, but you are barely hanging on to your three month clothes. Footies are pretty much maxed out and mama is going to have to face the music and just let you jump into the next pile of clothing.

Your sleeping has remained pretty great, except for a small bout at the end of November. You'll have your last feeding at 10pm and then wake up around 6am the next morning. Those few bad mornings you'll wake up around 4am which is just killer for mama. Hopefully this phase won't last very long. You are still sleeping in your swing.

During your two month check up the doctor noticed you seem to have a preference on head position. This is starting to cause you to have a flat spot on the back of your head. We've started taking you to physical therapy and have been told to do lots and lots of tummy time. Lucky for us you don't seem to mind it too much. You're very good at holding your head up high so we think the flat spot will round out pretty easily.

You are such a happy, easy going baby. We are so so thankful! While your cry is much louder than your brother's ever was, you don't wail too often. When you do it's mainly for attention as you'll give us a big goofy grin as soon as we go and check on you.

We had lots of exciting events this month including, big brother's 4th birthday, Thanksgiving, and your baptism. Christmas is right around the corner and then it'll be the new year in no time. 

Bubs and sissy at three months

We love you to the moon and back sissy girl.

All my love, 

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Haddie-Lynn: two months

Dear Haddie-Lynn,

I blinked and another month has passed. I know I need to savor these moments with you because they are gone before I even realize it. Your little personality is starting to show and it makes my heart smile. You are beginning to coo and recognize daddy, bubba, and me. We all just love to see that sweet dimple on your left cheek.

You are doing great at nursing. You're pretty consistent at wanting to eat every 3 hours, but there are moments where you go a little longer or want to eat a little sooner. Getting a bottle at daycare was a bit of an adjustment. At home you nurse for about 30-40 minutes, but at daycare you suck down your bottle in only 10! That means the time between feedings is a bit longer and you weren't a big fan. You are drinking 5 oz bottles already! We tried to start with 4 oz, but you are happier with 5.

At your two month check up you weighed 11 lbs 7 oz (45th percentile), were 23.75" long (86th percentile), and your head circumference was 15.5" around (73rd percentile). You are only slightly bigger than your brother at this age. He was 11 lbs 3 oz and 23.5" long. You are wearing 3 month clothing and have outgrown some things that are labeled 0-3 month. Your cloth diapers are still sized at the smallest stride and the tightest snap around the waist.

You are such a great sleeper. You are continuing to sleep through the night in your swing. We haven't moved you to your crib just yet, because why mess with a good thing. We have been able to combine your last two feedings and put you down around 9:30pm. You love love love to snuggle under the blankets. I never put it over your face, but as soon as I turn around you have moved it up and over yourself.

You have been spending more time on your play mat and seem to really enjoy all there is to see. Your brother loves to get down on the floor and talk to you while you do tummy time or he'll be sure to turn on the music and lights for you to watch. He loves you so much already.

We are so blessed by you sissy girl. You certainly are a joy to this family. Your daddy and I love you to the moon and back.

One month vs two months

Bubs and sissy at two months

Bubs and sissy at two months on top and one month on bottom

All my love, 

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Haddie-Lynn: one month

Dear Haddie-Lynn,

Here we are already at the one month mark. Sweet girl you have stolen our hearts. As soon as you came into our world, you just fit. There wasn't any drastic change or big life altering moment. It's like you've always been here and been a part of our family. 

The happiest moments for me are when I get to see your brother love on you. He absolutely adores you. You are his baby and I hope it always stays that way. He loves to give you kisses and tuck your blanket around you. He is my helper to make sure you are safe and happy. He is by far your biggest fan.

At your two week check up you weighed 8 lbs, 12 oz and measured 22 1/4" long. Your next doctor's visit is at two months and I'm sure you'll have grown like crazy again. You are already too long for your newborn sleepers, but that's no surprise. They barely fit you from the very beginning. You are a long little girl. 

You are already sleeping through the night and have been for about a week now. You have your last feeding at 10 and wake up between 5 and 6. There have even been a couple of times where I had to wake you up. Your daddy and I are very thankful for giving us some great sleep. 

Nursing got off to a rocky start. By day three, I realized I had thrush and it became too painful to nurse you. I called the doctor for antibiotics right away but sadly they gave me the wrong dosage at first so it took awhile to clear up. I pumped and gave you bottles for a little over a week. When it came time for you to nurse again, it seemed that you preferred the bottle. Mama doesn't give up easily though. We went to see two different lactation consultants and your pediatrician and after persistent trying, I was able to get you to nurse again.

Now you seem to be doing just fine. We are trying to keep you on a schedule since you seem to respond best to that. You eat at 6, 9, 12, 3, 6, 8, and 10. Eventually we hope to turn the last two feedings into just one at 9 and put you to bed an hour earlier. I'm sure it'll come with time.

On October 11th we used up your very last disposable and decided to give your cloth diapers a try. There have been a couple of leaks, but you're doing very well in them. They give you a big cloth bootie and I love it. Mama's friend Miss Jessica gave us Parker's pink diapers so you even have some girl ones in your collection. 

You are our little beauty and complete our family. You are everything we hoped for. We love you to the moon and back.

Here is a fun little comparison of you and your brother at one month old. You two are twins for sure with your facial features and even a lot of your mannerisms. You didn't end up with red hair and blue eyes like bubba, but brown hair and brown eyes just like mama.

All my love,

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Monday, May 4, 2015

21 weeks

Nothing too exciting to report. The hubs and I did start shifting all of the furniture around between the guest room and the nursery. We are having to get a little creative on making everything fit, ha. We are very blessed to have nice family furniture passed on to us, but that means I can't easily get rid of anything either.

Still tired. Still peeing 2-3 times in the middle of the night.

Appetite is definitely coming back. I have days of feeling hungry all the time.

I can start to feel baby girl's kicks and jabs from the outside. I can watch my belly jump around. I want to see Quinn's reaction when he feels it for the first time.

Quinn randomly will tell me he wants to give baby sister a hug or a kiss. It's about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I do worry about how he'll adjust, but then these moments just let me know it'll be fine.

Comparison shot: Look at how much higher baby girl is compared to Quinn! That just amazes me how differently they sit within my body.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

20 weeks

Baby girl had her full anatomy scan this week. I *might* have asked the ultrasound tech to double-triple make sure she is still a "she." We are good to go on buying everything pink and bows, haha!

The even better news though is that everything checks out just as it should. Such sweet relief. I'm very thankful for every report of "looking good." We had genetics testing done earlier on and no news is good news on that front as well.

So I was the crazy lady up at 3 in the morning buying baby girl Lilly for Target shifts. I was only able to get these two pretties into my cart and checked out before everything was sold out. I had planned on getting myself the matching versions but I wasn't fast enough.

Well of course that didn't stop me from obsessing over it. I found the See Ya Later shift on Instagram for not an insane mark up and bought it. I'm still on the hunt for Nosey Posey but that's proving to be a much harder find unfortunately.

The specific cravings are subsiding and my appetite is starting to come back. I am officially 3 pounds over my pre pregnancy weight but I'm sure that will start climbing soon.

I'm getting a bit of the nesting bug and looking forward to starting the nursery. Sadly we had a huge debacle with the sleeper sofa I ordered for the new combo guest/craft room. It wouldn't fit through the doorway to get it in the room, ugh! I ended up ordering a different model and now we wait another 6 weeks for it to be ready.

Comparison shot:

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Monday, April 20, 2015

19 weeks

Nearly halfway there. I remember with Quinn, I thought time was flying at this point. This time around though I don't feel the same. It already feels like I've been pregnant forever.

We don't have a name picked out and it's driving me a little crazy. I want to know what to call her, even though we'll be keeping it a secret like we did with Quinn's name. Also, no telling of the initials like last time. That just encourages guessing.

Remember Nguyen had a warehouse sale and I just couldn't help myself. Baby sister got some fun mail, four new bloomer sets. They are just so precious. It does make me sad that Quinn is growing out of all his smocked outfits though.

I wouldn't say I've had any specific cravings lately. I'll still eat a popsicle here or there, but I don't feel like I absolutely have to have one. My appetite in general is mediocre at best. When I do eat, it's very small portions or I feel so uncomfortable for hours afterward.

She is definitely a mover and a shaker. It has gone from flutters to full on kicks this week.

And the comparison shot...