Saturday, July 9, 2016

Haddie-Lynn: ten months

Dear Haddie-Lynn,

My little love bug. Ten months! How has it been ten months?? I'm starting to plan for your first birthday and I can't believe it. I truly could not imagine life without you in it. You have my heart forever baby girl. 

Food, food, food, you love food! You are an eating champ. We are starting to move from purees to cut up food like bananas, strawberries, chicken, potatoes, etc. You are a wonder at feeding yourself. You can gobby down a whole banana in the blink of an eye. Since you are eating so much now, your bottles have decreased to 4oz in size. While I still love nursing you, mama is more than ready to be done with pumping for daycare bottles.

The sippy cup is not your favorite. Well, let me rephrase. It's very fun to play with, but not so much to drink water out of. I put a smoothie in it one day and that kept your attention! Perhaps when you are ready to switch to milk, you'll like the sippy more.

No official stats this month, but you are wearing 9m and 12m clothing and 12m footie pajamas. The 9m footies are no more. Since we are in the season of dresses, these sizes should last all the way until it gets cool outside. Your hair is long enough to put bow clips in. Sometimes you'll leave them in and other times you'll grab and pull them right out haha. Your diapers are still on medium stride with two snaps open around the waist. Mama is having to replace all the elastic in your diapers. After being used on big brother, it was stretched out too much and causing leaks on all your pretty bubbles. We can't have that!

You are doing great with sleep! You still go to bed after your 7pm nursing and you sleep until 6:30-7 the next morning. At daycare you take little 45 minute naps in the morning and afternoon, but on the weekends you typically take one 2-3 hour long nap after your 12pm nursing. It's quite nice to have some quiet time where both you and your brother rest in the afternoon. Everyone wakes up with big big smiles.

No developments in the crawling department. In fact, you are quite stubborn about the whole thing. If we try to put you up on your knees you scream and cry. Oh well. 

You had your first trip to the beach this month and you were born to be a beach girl. You had a blast playing in the sand and letting the waves wash over you. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. 

Bubs and sissy at ten months

All my love, 

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