Thursday, November 25, 2010

thank goodness for...

* my husband who keeps me laughing constantly
* my family for being the good kinda crazy
* big purses that can house a dragon
* mani/pedi days with my mom
* trashy tv
* the big mo and all my new projects
* couponing
* last minute plans with friends
* a husband willing to go out on black friday
* all my fur-babies
* orange and purple
* homecooked everything
* wearing leggings on thanksgiving
* flannel sheets
* christmas decorations
* sparkly nail polish
* being crafty
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thanksgiving with friends

This past Saturday we had everyone over to celebrate turkey day together. Talk about some fantastic friends and some fantastic food! I'm hoping to make this a tradition we keep doing years to come.

I really wanted to fancy things up for this party. I had fun creating and planning and decorating and only stressed out a little bit when there were too many people in my tiny kitchen.

I do believe everyone enjoyed themselves.

the pretty table waiting for all the yummy food

the hubs and Matt de-boning the fried turkies (we had three!)

busted! mom sneaking a taste

can I just say I love Hobby Lobby

pumpkin pie in a jar! not as cute as I had hoped, but still tasty 

the spread

Kristen and Jessica

Danny and Jason

Randy and my Happy Thanksgiving banner

love this picture of me and my sweet mom

little bro

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

Monday, November 22, 2010

it's christmas card time!!!

I love love love this time of the year. I'm in craft overdrive with all of the decorations, parties, gifts, and of course cards. I love to personalize everything and put my own spin on things (a big reason why I got my own embroidery machine). It's so fun to think of how I can make a craft or present just right so that it will make people smile.

This year I want to make our Christmas cards extra special by adding pictures. The past two seasons I've made hand stamped cards and while they are certainly made with love I still feel like they are lacking a certain something. Enter Shutterfly!

Can we talk about their gorgeous options? There are so many to choose from! Let's talk about my favorites for a minute shall we.

the With Love Chartreuse Christmas Card plays into my love for a fabulous monogram

Initially Chic Green Christmas Card has a monogram AND is one of my favorite color combos

and how adorable is the How Holly Story Christmas Card?? I just need to have some babies to fill up the spots...

the Candy Boxes Christmas Card is super adorable as well!

You can see my dilemma. There's just so many to pick from! If you're looking for adorable mailables you can check them out here. Another problem I'm having? Shutterfly also has adorable gift ideas! How about a personalized mug or cute notepads? I could browse their website all day long {and I pretty much have}.

Icing on the cake: Shutterfly is offering bloggers 50 free cards. I couldn't say no to an opportunity like this and you can share in the fun too! Tell them I sent you.

PS I just realized I overused the word adorable entirely too much in the post. Just couldn't help myself.

whoever is interested in free stuff raise your hand

I'm thinking about doing my first ever giveaway. The grand prize would be one of this lovelies:

Of course it would be personalized according to the winners wishes. Would any of you be interested? Leave me a comment if you are.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

new cuteness!

I just finished another project!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

lists, I like lists

  • I got a new phone Friday night. It was time. My beloved pink Blackberry was dying a slow and painful {to me} death so I've moved on to a Droid. So far so good!
  • I've been in full on craft mode for our party next weekend. Napkins, silverware, banners, food cards, grocery lists, sparkly pumpkins...I got it all! There will be pictures right after it's all put together and right before guests arrive and tear into everything haha.
  • My mom is having a Girls Night Out at her shop Memere's Attic this Thursday and I said I would make a couple of monogrammed bags to display to {hopefully} jump start my embroidery business. I'll post pictures of this as well as soon as I finish them.
  • Speaking of embroidery business, it's called Southern Sass Embroidery.
  • The hubs got a new truck. Well not a new new truck, but new to him. It's a Ford F150 and just needs some TLC in the cleaning department. We waxed it last night and it's already looking a lot prettier. Again pictures to come {noticing a trend?}.
  • I've been put on 32 hour work weeks which sucks in the paycheck department but does give me some extra free time to get my projects done.
  • I have tomorrow off so my mom is coming over to have a girls day with me!
  • Well, back to being crafty!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

latest project

This past Friday I had the day off from work. The hubs told me the Sewing Center where I bought my machine was having a free class on the embroidery software so off we went. Three hours later I was ready to create!

new bedding!

I tried to pick something that wasn't too girlie seeing as the hubs has to sleep in this bedding too. Perfection!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

family time is the best when you include fancypants restaurants and lots of wine

The hubs and I took a trip to Biltmore and my parents came along this time. We left early Saturday morning and stopped at Bloomfield's on the way up to Asheville. I love this shop. It has tons and tons of china and serving pieces for cheap!

One of our china patterns (yes we have more than one) is Woodland Hunting Dogs by Spode. I didn't realize we were missing the Beagle and the Yellow Lab so I got two of each dinner plate bringing up our total on dinner plates to 12. Next trip I'll be working on adding to the salad plates!

We also got two more serving pieces in our everyday china, Colorwave by Noritake. They were 50% off all ready marked down prices compared to what you'd pay at a department store like Belk. 

3 quart baker

2 quart covered casserole

Biltmore was gorgeous surrounded by all the fall colors. It definitely looked a bit different compared to all the snow last time we were there. Picture time!

my awesome parents

quick picture while waiting for the boys to bring us lunch


I *might* have purchased this hehe

Daddy looks so good in a newsboy cap

Mary Poppins?

mmmm wine

just a couple of wine-os

We had a great time seeing the mansion and an even better time at the winery. They really know how to get you there. They take you on a tour of the winery which ends at the wine tasting where they let you taste as much wine as you'd like for free. They then set you free in the shop where before you know it you've purchased a case and then some of wine - ha!

We ended the evening with dinner at the Bistro. Oh-Em-Ge y'all. That dinner was on the same level as our dinner at Mesa Grill in Vegas. It was to die for. Even though we were beyond stuffed, we went for the dessert anyway. Best decision of my life.

hot chocolate with homemade marshmallow, chocolate creme brulee, chocolate sea salt caramel, and chocolate mousse with a wafer bottom aka what heaven will be like

Perfect ending to a perfect day!