Sunday, November 14, 2010

lists, I like lists

  • I got a new phone Friday night. It was time. My beloved pink Blackberry was dying a slow and painful {to me} death so I've moved on to a Droid. So far so good!
  • I've been in full on craft mode for our party next weekend. Napkins, silverware, banners, food cards, grocery lists, sparkly pumpkins...I got it all! There will be pictures right after it's all put together and right before guests arrive and tear into everything haha.
  • My mom is having a Girls Night Out at her shop Memere's Attic this Thursday and I said I would make a couple of monogrammed bags to display to {hopefully} jump start my embroidery business. I'll post pictures of this as well as soon as I finish them.
  • Speaking of embroidery business, it's called Southern Sass Embroidery.
  • The hubs got a new truck. Well not a new new truck, but new to him. It's a Ford F150 and just needs some TLC in the cleaning department. We waxed it last night and it's already looking a lot prettier. Again pictures to come {noticing a trend?}.
  • I've been put on 32 hour work weeks which sucks in the paycheck department but does give me some extra free time to get my projects done.
  • I have tomorrow off so my mom is coming over to have a girls day with me!
  • Well, back to being crafty!


  1. Im a very loyal BB user- I tried to branch out this summer and had to ultimately take (whatever kind of phone it was) back because I couldnt figure it out. All the people around me with iPhones make me feel old.

  2. I am a list person too. iPhones are great to use for Internet, etc., but not as a phone. Drops calls all the time!

  3. I have a Droid. I love it!

    Thanks for saying hello on my blog post the other day. :)

  4. My husband wants a new(to him) truck so bad it's killin him. Or at least he acts like it is.