Monday, March 30, 2015

16 weeks

When I was pregnant with Quinn I took bathroom bump selfies. While I'm still very grateful that I took the pictures, I wish I had done it differently. Baby 2 is getting the chalk board treatment! (the hubs is not happy that he has to be involved and snap the picture, haha)

The second trimester finally brought along with it the slow down of the morning sickness. I thought I had morning sickness with Quinn, ha! This time around I actually had to be on Zophran 24/7 or literally suffer the consequences.

I'm still feeling tired all the time, but I think that's just called motherhood. The hubs travels a lot which leaves me on my own with a very bouncy pre-schooler. (Just look at those tired eyes…)

For most of the first trimester, I barely felt like eating at all. When I did want something it was normally mashed potatoes. So random. So good. This week I want popsicles.

The baby must be tap dancing on my bladder. I can't make it through the night without at least two or three bathroom visits.

As you can see the bump itself is going strong. I've been in leggings or yoga pants since about 8 weeks along. Your body truly does know how to make room the second time around. With Quinn, I thought maternity pants with the full belly panel were the bees knees. This time? HATE them. I want nothing to do with them.

And because we all love a good comparison…Quinn vs baby 2!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

surprise, surprise

Well it's finally out in the open! We are expecting our second bundle of joy this September! It's still pretty surreal to think about. Actually, I try not to think about it because when I do it's a mixed bag of "oh another sweet squishy baby!" and "crap, what have we done??"

Let's rewind a little bit. When the hubs and I decided to jump on the baby train again I knew I wanted to plan out a better reveal to him than what happened last time. (I took a test at 6 in the morning because I was too excited to wait any longer, excitedly told him he was going to be a daddy, he grunted and went back to sleep…ugh!)

I found a funny/cute card on Pinterest (because duh) and went ahead and printed it out beforehand. I had it stashed away in my craft room, ready. The morning I knew I could test, hubs was distracted with Quinn so he didn't know I was doing anything. Once the word "pregnant" flashed across the pee stick it was game on! (Still the longest two minutes of my life ever.)

I grabbed my card and the stick and handed it over.

I did attached the card to one of his favorite candies at least, gummy bears. This time there was more than a grunt. Hubs smiled real big and exclaimed, "awww you gave me something you peed on!" Always the romantic, that one.

For about the next 10 weeks, the pregnancy was our little secret. The hubs and I wanted to wait till I had seen the doctor, had a couple ultrasounds, and cleared past the first trimester before we revealed to the world. We did the same with Quinn and it's always easier said than done!

The first time we saw baby 2 was on February 5th, at 8 weeks 3 days. Sadly, the hubs was in Atlanta for work and couldn't be at the first ultrasound. I decided to ask the tech if we could FaceTime and thankfully she agreed! The hubs got to watch our little bean up on the screen thanks to technology.

The second time we saw baby 2 was on March 9th, at 13 weeks. We had decided to let Danny's boss know about the pregnancy so he could help manage the traveling schedule around our doctor's appointments, therefore hubs was in actual attendance this time around. We both breathed a sigh of relief when we saw baby 2 bouncing around and developing just as he/she should!

Now came the fun part of deciding how we would announce this baby to our families and our friends. I had been scouring Pinterest (again duh), but it all felt so "done." I really don't know how it hit, but it did. I decided to do a play on our last name. All I needed was a large scale or seesaw. Do you know that playground seesaws pretty much don't exist anymore? So what's a girl to do… Hubs to the rescue! He built one!

Of course Quinn thinks this seesaw is awesome, because it is! We called up our favorite photographer, Erica Billingsley, and she agreed to meet us at a park here in Spartanburg. She seriously is the best. It started with my maternity pictures when I was pregnant with Quinn and here she is capturing the beginnings of our second.

I made a card that we then printed out and handed to our parents and also mailed out to some friends and family who aren't on Facebook. We posted the pictures above on Facebook to announce to the rest!

Telling my family:
On Saturday, March 21st, we took a trip to Chapin because Quinn "had been begging to visit Memere and Papa" wink, wink. I also had told my brother we would be there and Quinn "would love to see his Uncle Casey." Both very true statements, but not the main reason for the visit. My mom had been cooking all morning for us and when we all sat down to eat out on the back porch, I had Quinn give Papa a belated birthday card to open.

He stared at the card for what seemed like forever haha. He finally said something along the lines of "oh that's so nice!" so I asked "well do you want to share the news?" Apparently it still hadn't clicked yet because he then replied "oh I get it!" and my mom instantly perked up and asked, "are you pregnant?!" Haha!

When we told them about Quinn, my mom got to open the gift of a baby bib and she screamed and cried so quickly my poor dad didn't have a clue what was going on. So I figured this time around, he would be the one to open up the reveal item, it just took a little longer for the puzzle pieces to come together haha.

Telling Danny's family:
On Sunday, March 22nd, we had tickets to take Quinn to see Mickey's Magic Show in Greenville. The show was at 4 o'clock so we planned on meeting Danny's parents and his sister's family downtown for dinner. Once everyone was seated and had ordered, we had Quinn give his mom the same card. She opened it and, again, seemed to stare at it forever. Kathy and Kevin instantly knew it was an announcement without even seeing the card so we all began to just giggle and look at each other seeing how long it would take to click. Kevin even whispered, "wait for it…." Finally Harriette's head popped up and she mouthed the words to me "are you pregnant?!" like it was still a secret. I laughed and said yes.

Now our secret is out in the open and I can stop trying to suck in my gut! Our next big milestone is the gender ultrasound on April 6th.

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