Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 11th - 18th

For our summer vacation, Danny and I traveled to Indian Rocks, Florida with Danny's family. We shared a condo on the beach with Kathy, Kevin, Ashley, Eric, and Harriette for the week. We couldn't have been any closer to the beach unless the condo was in the middle of the ocean. It was pretty nice.

On the way to and from Florida we stopped in Jacksonville to visit our friend Jason. Neither of us had seen him in awhile since he couldn't make it to our wedding. It was great catching up and reminiscing.

Danny and I visited my aunt and uncle while we were there. Michelle took us on a dolphin tour in Tarpon Springs one day. I got some pretty cool pictures.

Danny traveled the three hours to see the space shuttle launch, twice. The first time everyone but Harriette and I went and it did not go off. The second time only Danny went and it did. I just didn't want to sit in a car for that long to not see it go off. Danny got a pretty amazing picture that later ended up in the Greenville newspaper.

We met Kevin's parents at a fun restaurant that had a Wurlitzer organ in it. It was pretty neat to watch it be played. All of the pipes and other instruments connected to it were all over the entire room.

It was a pretty interesting trip.

Tarpon Spings

standard pic

me with my Aunt Michelle (my mom's sister)

Wurlitzer organ

Harriette playing with Eric

Ashley and her goggles

Kathy and Ashley

too cute in my helmet

Kathy and me

mini golf (I hate the shirt Danny is wearing by the way)

yes the mini golf place




Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th

Danny and I spent the 4th in Sullivan's Island with my parents. They're very lucky to know a couple who own a house on the island and let us use it for free while they go up north for the holiday. Neil, Aaron, Casey, and Susie all made appearances at the house and we had a great time swimming at the beach, playing bocce ball, and lounging around. I wish we could have stayed longer.