Tuesday, August 27, 2013

super baby

This past weekend, I helped create a new obsession for Quinn. He's already pretty attached to his passy and his lovies, so now we've added a blanket into the mix. He'll randomly ask for his blanket and drag it around the house like a little Linus.

He kept tripping over the blanket so one day I folded it in half and tied it around him like a cape. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you, Super Baby.

The hubs was outside working on the lawn mower this past Sunday. After nap time, Quinn asked for his cape and he ran around the driveway and "helped" daddy. Gosh he's just so cute!

I've decided that I need to sew him his very own legit cape for his birthday. Sewing for boys can be done!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

apple picking

Earlier last week, my coworker and I started talking about apple picking. With it still being August, I really hadn't even thought about apples. That's a fall thing, duh. You should be wrapped up in scarves and sweaters while you pick apples and then sip on hot apple cider afterwards to warm up.

Well while all of that is still true, she pointed out that the highly coveted honey crisp apples are in season NOW. I texted the hubs that we needed to go to Hendersonville on Saturday and take Quinn on his first apple picking adventure. He agreed!

I persuaded my mom to come visit for the weekend so she could join in on the fun. We got up there around 11 o'clock on Saturday and the weather was just beautiful. Sunny and in the high 70s with a slight breeze, it was the perfect day.

The farm we went to was called Grandad's Apples N Such. They were only allowing the public to pick gala apples at the time so we headed out with our bags to pick a couple just for fun and for pictures. We came back to their barn and topped off with our beloved honey crisps. We also couldn't resist some cider slushies and cider donuts. So good!

After the picking we traveled down the road and had lunch at the local Harry's and Piggy's. It was just a little hamburger/hot dog/ice cream joint, but it had so many fun things to look at. We piled back into the car and not 5 minutes down the road Quinn was out.

I'd say it was a successful first trip! I'm now looking forward to going back in October for pumpkins!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

nakie sucker

After dinner I decided to let Quinn have a little treat, a dum dum sucker! I stripped him down to his diaper and let him go to town. Of course I wasn't paying attention and gave him a blue one. He had bright blue lips but it was ok because he also had the biggest smile.

Nights like this make being a mom the best.

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