Friday, December 31, 2010

new game

My best friend came up with a new game while waiting for the boys to pick out their goodies.

Fireworks or Sex Toy

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas blues

You cannot have great joy without great sorrow, otherwise how would you know the difference?

I had planned on posting about our wonderful Christmas next, and I still will, but unfortunately I need to blog about some sad news first.

Just as the hubs and I had pulled into our driveway Sunday afternoon, we received a heartbreaking phone call. His godparents had been crossing the street in Charleston Christmas night when they were hit by a car. The hubs godmother was killed instantly and his godfather was rushed to MUSC.

Nobody wants to receive this phone call any time of the year, but during Christmas it just seems that much more painful. This time of the year is filled with family and hope and gratitude. You're thankful for everything you have in your life, then suddenly something, someone, is taken abruptly from you without warning. I can't help but ask why. Why now? Why that way?

The hubs godfather is a man of great faith. Here is a man laying in a hospital bed with broken bones and his wife had just been taken from him, yet his simple words restore the calm inside of me.

Her work on earth was done and it was time for her to go home to God.

While it still hurts I feel at peace. There is no doubt in my mind that St. Peter held open the gates for her to enter without hesitation.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

oh babies!

A friend of mine and his wife are expecting little twin girls. A couple of weekends ago I went to a baby shower in their honor. Of course I created something adorable for those sweet little girls. I didn't know any names so instead another idea popped into my head.

who doesn't love Dr. Seuss?

isn't the cake adorable?

the parents to be

I made them promise to send pictures of the girls wearing there outfits. I can't wait!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

pretty _____ with sugar on top

Scene from Christmas dinner. My niece is eating pumpkin pie.

Ashley: I want more of this!

Hubs: what's the p word?

Ashley: pumpkin?

Everyone laughs.

Hubs: no the other p word.

Ashley: pie!

Well you got us there little miss. Haha.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

80s hair band

My friend Allison and I had planned on having a full-on crafting extravaganza for the first weekend in December. We had put it on our calendars months in advance since we're both so busy. So much for planning ahead haha. First she mentioned going to Ikea on Sunday and only crafting Friday night and all day Saturday. I was totally ok with this seeing as I had never been to Ikea. Then she told me she had more bad news, but that it came with good news as well...

Her husband surprised her with Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets for Friday night {no crafting that night} BUT he got us tickets too!

When I asked the hubs what he thought of the concert he replied, "I feel like we just watched an 80s hair band perform Christmas music." Haha!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

goooooo tigers! {ehhh}

I got a text from my coworker wanting to know if I'd like to purchase her tickets for the Clemson/Carolina game. Since I know she and her husband have lower deck seats, we jumped at the chance. Let's just say the view was about the only plus of this game. Oh Tigers....

house divided

the highlight of the entire game

I think my brother was in this picture somewhere

The hubs and I left at the start of the last quarter. Besides the fact that the Tigers were playing horribly, it was also deathly cold out. You win some and you lose some. Oh well...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

where were we...

Oh yes, that's right. I last left y'all around Thanksgiving. Sorry it's been so long.

This year we spent Thanksgiving with the hubs family at his sister's house. We trade every year depending on where the Clemson/Carolina game is {this year in Clemson}.

the spread

the men-folk

my niece got her ears pierced, yay!

such a ham!

Even though I went to bed at 11:30, I still got up at 2 am to go out on Black Friday. My sister-in-law and I went to Kohl's for their opening at 3 am. We tried to hit Target, but that was just craziness. In the 15 minutes the doors had been open, the line at the register was already wrapped halfway around the entire store. These people definitely had some hardcore game plans. We got back to the house around 6 am. I was just about to crawl back into bed for a little nap when the hubs popped out of the room and said, "ready to go?" Off to Greenville we went.

We shopped, when to his parents' house to find truck parts, couldn't find the truck parts, met a friend for lunch, shopped some more, went back to his parents' house to search some more, took a trip down memory lane and pulled out nearly every childhood toy from the closet, the attic, and under the bed, found his train set, and finally drove back to his sister's house so I could go to bed. Talk about a really really long day!


since Kevin sealed the deck really well, it would dry out so Ella decided to perch herself up on the bench instead

Uncle Danny! Stop! hehehehe

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a little blogging pause

If you hadn't noticed I've been taking a little break due to overwhelming holiday cheer. I hope to be back this weekend. Toodles!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

thank goodness for...

* my husband who keeps me laughing constantly
* my family for being the good kinda crazy
* big purses that can house a dragon
* mani/pedi days with my mom
* trashy tv
* the big mo and all my new projects
* couponing
* last minute plans with friends
* a husband willing to go out on black friday
* all my fur-babies
* orange and purple
* homecooked everything
* wearing leggings on thanksgiving
* flannel sheets
* christmas decorations
* sparkly nail polish
* being crafty
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thanksgiving with friends

This past Saturday we had everyone over to celebrate turkey day together. Talk about some fantastic friends and some fantastic food! I'm hoping to make this a tradition we keep doing years to come.

I really wanted to fancy things up for this party. I had fun creating and planning and decorating and only stressed out a little bit when there were too many people in my tiny kitchen.

I do believe everyone enjoyed themselves.

the pretty table waiting for all the yummy food

the hubs and Matt de-boning the fried turkies (we had three!)

busted! mom sneaking a taste

can I just say I love Hobby Lobby

pumpkin pie in a jar! not as cute as I had hoped, but still tasty 

the spread

Kristen and Jessica

Danny and Jason

Randy and my Happy Thanksgiving banner

love this picture of me and my sweet mom

little bro

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!