Tuesday, December 14, 2010

where were we...

Oh yes, that's right. I last left y'all around Thanksgiving. Sorry it's been so long.

This year we spent Thanksgiving with the hubs family at his sister's house. We trade every year depending on where the Clemson/Carolina game is {this year in Clemson}.

the spread

the men-folk

my niece got her ears pierced, yay!

such a ham!

Even though I went to bed at 11:30, I still got up at 2 am to go out on Black Friday. My sister-in-law and I went to Kohl's for their opening at 3 am. We tried to hit Target, but that was just craziness. In the 15 minutes the doors had been open, the line at the register was already wrapped halfway around the entire store. These people definitely had some hardcore game plans. We got back to the house around 6 am. I was just about to crawl back into bed for a little nap when the hubs popped out of the room and said, "ready to go?" Off to Greenville we went.

We shopped, when to his parents' house to find truck parts, couldn't find the truck parts, met a friend for lunch, shopped some more, went back to his parents' house to search some more, took a trip down memory lane and pulled out nearly every childhood toy from the closet, the attic, and under the bed, found his train set, and finally drove back to his sister's house so I could go to bed. Talk about a really really long day!


since Kevin sealed the deck really well, it would dry out so Ella decided to perch herself up on the bench instead

Uncle Danny! Stop! hehehehe

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