Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Haddie-Lynn: five months

Dear Haddie-Lynn,

Oh my sweet sissy girl. Another month flown by in a snap. Your personality is just shinning through. You can see it in these pictures. You are my happy girl. You will give nearly anyone a big smile, but your biggest smiles are reserved for your daddy. You just light up when he's near. Make no mistake though, when you aren't happy you make it known. The bottom lip quivers, the tears flow, and the crying is LOUD. 

You are fully in 6 month clothes and I have had to pack away even some of the smaller 6 month footies. My long little girl! I'll be so excited when it's warm outside so I can put you in a dress and call it a day. You are my little sock houdini and seem to be able to wiggle out of all of them.

Nursing has been a bit confusing this past month. Sometimes you nurse for just 7-8 minutes on each side and you are quite content. Sometimes you nurse for 20+ minutes on each side. Then other times you nurse, pop off, cry, nurse, pop off, cry not knowing exactly what you want. Mama doesn't know what to do really so we just keep on keeping on. I wonder if this has anything to do with the lip and tongue revisions, but there's no real way to tell.

The four month sleep regression has hit you hard baby girl. I guess I should rephrase that because it's mama that is the one hit hard. Nearly every day this past month you have woken up between the hours of 2 and 4am. I nurse you back to sleep and then you fall back into your normal schedule of 6, 9, 12, 3, 6:30, and 10. You do sleep between your 6:30 and 10pm feedings, but that is the time slot when mama tries to get everything done for the next day. I am praying that next month will bring back my little girl who sleeps through the night.

You are starting to show more interest in toys, especially if big brother sits on the floor and plays with you. He's another one you give big smiles to. You are starting to grasp things, so rattles and Sophie the Giraffe are favorites. Pretty much anything you can get to your mouth makes you happy. I've even caught you with a foot in your mouth.

Little signs of separation anxiety are starting to pop up. When I hand you to someone you don't know your smile quickly disappears and the tears flow. Church nursery drop off has to be quick. I'm told your tears stop soon after I leave so I try to scoot out the door as fast as possible.

You are our little finger sucker. The first two of your left hand seem to be the favorites. I keep trying to give you passies and you keep spitting them back out with disgust, ha! It's cracks us up when you get ahold of your fingers because you suck with such gusto we swear you are going to gag. 

Bubs and sissy at five months

We love you to the moon and back sweet girl.

All my love,

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