Friday, September 21, 2012

five friday confessions

  • Sometimes I regret having season tickets because I keep thinking that's a weekend I could be working on the house.
  • The hubs is excited about buying a shed for the lawn mower because I might have mentioned that we could decorate it as Santa's Workshop for Christmas. 
  • I'm addicted to buying clothes for Quinn off ebay. I do not apologize for this though because I get to dress him in the fancy boutique clothes for nearly 90% off.
  • I realized I have almost no fall clothes for Quinn. I had to put him in a 3m fleece zip up hoodie this morning. Good thing he's little enough to fit it in ha!
  • I don't wash our sheet nearly as often as I should. I think that needs to be added to the to-do list for the weekend.

and a random picture of my big boy
{because I can}

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

it's not always roses, sometimes it smells like dog poo

I try not to whine too much on the blog because who wants to read that? I'm sure years from now, looking back, I'll tell myself, "Good gracious, what's the big deal?! That's life.", but I feel the need to document {a few} of the not-so-picture-perfect moments in my life.

the baby teething. Hard. Core. After bath time and clean jam-jams, it normally takes 20-30 minutes to finish one last nursing session and lay a passed out baby down for the night. Fast forward through one and a half hours of pure hell uncontrollable/inconsolable screaming and I was becoming desperate. Teething tablets and baby orajel weren't calming him down. Rocking wasn't calming him down. The lovie, the passy, the boob... it wasn't working! I ended up having to give him a bottle of pumped milk because I was so upset my own milk bar wasn't working. Cue mama tears.

the cat
...keeps peeing on the dog's blanket. I have no idea what to do. Could it be a UTI? Could it be the move? Could it be that his daddy {the hubs} is never home? Could it be that we had to put him in the cone of shame? Could it be he doesn't like his litter box anymore? For the love of all things nice smelling PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP!

the dog
...ate something that resulted in exploding poo all over her, her blankets, and her crate. Oh let's also mention here that she somehow scooted her crate across the dining room floor leaving a lovely trail. I wasn't able to clean it up this morning before needed to leave so guess what I'll be doing on my lunch break...

the hubs traveling again.

and the mama
...didn't sleep well waking up every couple of hours on top of a cold from seasonal allergies.

So someone please remind me of this when I say I want another pet or another baby.

Send wine.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quinn is ten months old

Dear Quinn,

My love for you grows every month {every minute really} and I have no doubt in my mind that it will continue to grow as time seems to fly by. Another month has come and gone and I'm so thankful to be able to watch you change before my very eyes. 

You're still doing pretty well with the whole eating thing. You definitely prefer foods with a sweeter taste, but we're trying to expand your pallet. You've become quite good at the pincher grasp and love to feed yourself cheerios and goldfish.

Since there wasn't a doctor check-up this month, we don't have any official stats, but our home scale says you weigh around 19-20 lbs! Did you really put on 3+ pounds in just a month?? It would explain why you are officially out of all of your 6 month clothes ha!

You are wearing all 9 and 12 month clothing. We've started putting shoes on you and you don't mind at all. You love to grab at your feet so the shoes are just something fun to play with. We have moved out to three rows of snaps showing on your cloth diapers and double stuff the inserts for bed time. Your little bladder is growing too!

Bed time has been pushed back to 7 o'clock now! We have a pretty good routine going sweet boy. Mama picks you up from daycare and we get home around 5:30. You sit in your high chair eating cheerios while I make you some solids and put away your things. After eating we play until 6:30 and then head for the bath tub. You certainly love to splish-splash around! I let you play until 6:45 and then we dry off and put on jam-jams. We head to your nursery for your last nursing session and then it's lights out. We're very lucky that you still sleep through the night {unless you are sick, which hasn't been often}.

Your biggest accomplishment this month happened on September 10th. You crawled for the very first time! Yes, baby boy, you have figured it out! Each day you get quicker and quicker too. I'm certain you will have us chasing you all over in no time. I believe we will need to get some baby gates soon!

You still don't have any teeth but I can just tell that one is coming soon. I can feel your bottom tooth right below the gum, ready to pop through at any moment. Mama has secretly enjoyed you not having teeth for so long. That means you can't bite me just yet!

Unfortunately Daddy has been gone on some business trips lately but that means that Memere has come to visit! You get so excited when she picks you up from daycare early. You bounce up and down and flap your little arms like you are trying to fly up to her. She spoils you rotten but that's what memeres are supposed to do.

Mama and Daddy have been going to the Clemson football games. While it's entirely too hot to take you to one just yet, we hope to take you eventually. Your Grandma and Aunt Kathy have really enjoyed watching you though. They love spending time with you. Your cousins Ashley and Eric love to play with you. Eric is so excited for you to get bigger so you can play all day long.

As always, we love you to the moon and back boo boo.


Friday, September 14, 2012

five friday confessions

  • I have been slack about nearly everything in my life. I just can't get it in gear. Not sure when this spell will be broken, but I'm hoping soon.
  • I've fallen off the #shereadstruth wagon. The study was on Proverbs and I had a really hard time with it. It just feels like a bunch of gibberish. I pray that I'll be able to get back on track with the next study. I need some inner peace.
  • Quinn started crawling on Monday and I'm so...relieved! He'll be ten months old tomorrow and I was wondering if it would ever happen. Some people mentioned that he might not crawl and go straight into walking. I didn't want that. I didn't want to miss the crawling milestone. I want to treasure each little thing with him. 
  • The new house still doesn't feel like ours. It feels like a rental for some reason. Mentally, I'm just not *here* yet. Will I ever be?
  • I want to take Quinn to the Clemson game tomorrow but I know better. I know I can't subject my sweet baby to that heat!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

laboring over labor day weekend

I wish I could tell you we enjoyed a relaxing long weekend playing on the lake or bumming around the house, but alas that just isn't so. We busted tail {again} to prep the old house for renters and praise sweet baby Jesus we are done! Renters are moving in this weekend and we finally get a break {at least from that project}!

The hubs plane didn't come in until 11:30 Friday night, putting him at the house after midnight, so we weren't in a super hurry to be out the door early Saturday. We drove separately and I went straight to my parents' house with the baby while he went to the house to mow the lawn and prep the trailer for the loading of the rest of our junk. He made it back to my parents' house in time to watch the Clemson game.

Quinn and I were able to go out on the boat for a couple hours and enjoy the sunshine and water.

He is certainly a water baby. We have one of those mesh floats that he sits in the middle of and he just kicks and splashes and squeals with delight!

Sunday was our day of work, work, work! My parents kept Quinn while the hubs and I finished up our to-do list.

  • fix fence in back yard
  • paint window in back room
  • paint front doors and shutters
  • wire garage
  • clean remaining items out of garage

I love the new color on the doors and shutters. I wish we had painted them when we first moved in. What a difference!

Monday, the only things left were to tie down the trailer and head home. I stopped by Belk to see if the bedding set I'd been eyeing was on sale. The cashier gave me an extra 15% off and I made it mine. It's taken me a good two months to decide on something that was also hubs approved. Now the next step is trying to pick a paint color for the walls...

The last thing we did over the long weekend was give Quinn his first haircut! Doesn't he look handsome? I was so nervous I would somehow mess up haha.

The hubs packed up his suitcase and is off to Arkansas for another week. I'm so thankful that my mom is coming to stay again. She spoils me when she visits too! I don't think Waldo was ready for the hubs to leave again though...