Tuesday, September 18, 2012

it's not always roses, sometimes it smells like dog poo

I try not to whine too much on the blog because who wants to read that? I'm sure years from now, looking back, I'll tell myself, "Good gracious, what's the big deal?! That's life.", but I feel the need to document {a few} of the not-so-picture-perfect moments in my life.

the baby
...is teething. Hard. Core. After bath time and clean jam-jams, it normally takes 20-30 minutes to finish one last nursing session and lay a passed out baby down for the night. Fast forward through one and a half hours of pure hell uncontrollable/inconsolable screaming and I was becoming desperate. Teething tablets and baby orajel weren't calming him down. Rocking wasn't calming him down. The lovie, the passy, the boob... it wasn't working! I ended up having to give him a bottle of pumped milk because I was so upset my own milk bar wasn't working. Cue mama tears.

the cat
...keeps peeing on the dog's blanket. I have no idea what to do. Could it be a UTI? Could it be the move? Could it be that his daddy {the hubs} is never home? Could it be that we had to put him in the cone of shame? Could it be he doesn't like his litter box anymore? For the love of all things nice smelling PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP!

the dog
...ate something that resulted in exploding poo all over her, her blankets, and her crate. Oh let's also mention here that she somehow scooted her crate across the dining room floor leaving a lovely trail. I wasn't able to clean it up this morning before needed to leave so guess what I'll be doing on my lunch break...

the hubs
...is traveling again.

and the mama
...didn't sleep well waking up every couple of hours on top of a cold from seasonal allergies.

So someone please remind me of this when I say I want another pet or another baby.

Send wine.


  1. Ahhhh cases and cases of wine are theoretically headed your way!!! Bless your heart, someone needs to give you a break!

  2. Have you tried teething tablets? They were a life saver for my nieces!

  3. I noticed last night that the Colic Calm can be used for teething irritability. I haven't tried it yet, but I might if we continue with the rough nights. (I think I suggested this to you before...)