Tuesday, September 4, 2012

laboring over labor day weekend

I wish I could tell you we enjoyed a relaxing long weekend playing on the lake or bumming around the house, but alas that just isn't so. We busted tail {again} to prep the old house for renters and praise sweet baby Jesus we are done! Renters are moving in this weekend and we finally get a break {at least from that project}!

The hubs plane didn't come in until 11:30 Friday night, putting him at the house after midnight, so we weren't in a super hurry to be out the door early Saturday. We drove separately and I went straight to my parents' house with the baby while he went to the house to mow the lawn and prep the trailer for the loading of the rest of our junk. He made it back to my parents' house in time to watch the Clemson game.

Quinn and I were able to go out on the boat for a couple hours and enjoy the sunshine and water.

He is certainly a water baby. We have one of those mesh floats that he sits in the middle of and he just kicks and splashes and squeals with delight!

Sunday was our day of work, work, work! My parents kept Quinn while the hubs and I finished up our to-do list.

  • fix fence in back yard
  • paint window in back room
  • paint front doors and shutters
  • wire garage
  • clean remaining items out of garage

I love the new color on the doors and shutters. I wish we had painted them when we first moved in. What a difference!

Monday, the only things left were to tie down the trailer and head home. I stopped by Belk to see if the bedding set I'd been eyeing was on sale. The cashier gave me an extra 15% off and I made it mine. It's taken me a good two months to decide on something that was also hubs approved. Now the next step is trying to pick a paint color for the walls...

The last thing we did over the long weekend was give Quinn his first haircut! Doesn't he look handsome? I was so nervous I would somehow mess up haha.

The hubs packed up his suitcase and is off to Arkansas for another week. I'm so thankful that my mom is coming to stay again. She spoils me when she visits too! I don't think Waldo was ready for the hubs to leave again though...

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  1. Great job on the doors and shutters! It looks great! Look at his red hair! So cute! :) That is so nice and wonderful that your mom is staying with you! Hope y'all have a great time!