Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quinn is ten months old

Dear Quinn,

My love for you grows every month {every minute really} and I have no doubt in my mind that it will continue to grow as time seems to fly by. Another month has come and gone and I'm so thankful to be able to watch you change before my very eyes. 

You're still doing pretty well with the whole eating thing. You definitely prefer foods with a sweeter taste, but we're trying to expand your pallet. You've become quite good at the pincher grasp and love to feed yourself cheerios and goldfish.

Since there wasn't a doctor check-up this month, we don't have any official stats, but our home scale says you weigh around 19-20 lbs! Did you really put on 3+ pounds in just a month?? It would explain why you are officially out of all of your 6 month clothes ha!

You are wearing all 9 and 12 month clothing. We've started putting shoes on you and you don't mind at all. You love to grab at your feet so the shoes are just something fun to play with. We have moved out to three rows of snaps showing on your cloth diapers and double stuff the inserts for bed time. Your little bladder is growing too!

Bed time has been pushed back to 7 o'clock now! We have a pretty good routine going sweet boy. Mama picks you up from daycare and we get home around 5:30. You sit in your high chair eating cheerios while I make you some solids and put away your things. After eating we play until 6:30 and then head for the bath tub. You certainly love to splish-splash around! I let you play until 6:45 and then we dry off and put on jam-jams. We head to your nursery for your last nursing session and then it's lights out. We're very lucky that you still sleep through the night {unless you are sick, which hasn't been often}.

Your biggest accomplishment this month happened on September 10th. You crawled for the very first time! Yes, baby boy, you have figured it out! Each day you get quicker and quicker too. I'm certain you will have us chasing you all over in no time. I believe we will need to get some baby gates soon!

You still don't have any teeth but I can just tell that one is coming soon. I can feel your bottom tooth right below the gum, ready to pop through at any moment. Mama has secretly enjoyed you not having teeth for so long. That means you can't bite me just yet!

Unfortunately Daddy has been gone on some business trips lately but that means that Memere has come to visit! You get so excited when she picks you up from daycare early. You bounce up and down and flap your little arms like you are trying to fly up to her. She spoils you rotten but that's what memeres are supposed to do.

Mama and Daddy have been going to the Clemson football games. While it's entirely too hot to take you to one just yet, we hope to take you eventually. Your Grandma and Aunt Kathy have really enjoyed watching you though. They love spending time with you. Your cousins Ashley and Eric love to play with you. Eric is so excited for you to get bigger so you can play all day long.

As always, we love you to the moon and back boo boo.


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