Monday, November 22, 2010

it's christmas card time!!!

I love love love this time of the year. I'm in craft overdrive with all of the decorations, parties, gifts, and of course cards. I love to personalize everything and put my own spin on things (a big reason why I got my own embroidery machine). It's so fun to think of how I can make a craft or present just right so that it will make people smile.

This year I want to make our Christmas cards extra special by adding pictures. The past two seasons I've made hand stamped cards and while they are certainly made with love I still feel like they are lacking a certain something. Enter Shutterfly!

Can we talk about their gorgeous options? There are so many to choose from! Let's talk about my favorites for a minute shall we.

the With Love Chartreuse Christmas Card plays into my love for a fabulous monogram

Initially Chic Green Christmas Card has a monogram AND is one of my favorite color combos

and how adorable is the How Holly Story Christmas Card?? I just need to have some babies to fill up the spots...

the Candy Boxes Christmas Card is super adorable as well!

You can see my dilemma. There's just so many to pick from! If you're looking for adorable mailables you can check them out here. Another problem I'm having? Shutterfly also has adorable gift ideas! How about a personalized mug or cute notepads? I could browse their website all day long {and I pretty much have}.

Icing on the cake: Shutterfly is offering bloggers 50 free cards. I couldn't say no to an opportunity like this and you can share in the fun too! Tell them I sent you.

PS I just realized I overused the word adorable entirely too much in the post. Just couldn't help myself.

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  1. I like the last one the best :-) You should put the animals in there too :-)