Thursday, June 9, 2016

Haddie-Lynn: nine months

Dear Haddie-Lynn,

My little miss sassy pants. I love to call you that, but truly you don't sass all that much. You just have a big personality for a little bitty girl, always smiling and giggling. You are our little ray of sunshine and light up the room. 

You are eating like a champ these days! I send a total of 16oz of food to daycare each day and not a drop of it comes back home. I can't list out all you've tried because there is just too much. So far the only thing you've truly refused after multiple attempts was sausage. No matter what I mixed it with, you were not having it.

You got your second bottom tooth just a week after the first one had popped through. All the better to scarf down cheerios, puffs, and cereal bars with haha! All this eating has definitely lead to some growing. You are 27.25" long (34.5th percentile), weigh 16lb 2oz (16th percentile), and have a head circumference of 18" (92nd percentile). For comparison, your brother was 27.5" long (17th percentile), weighed 16lb 13oz (3rd percentile), and had a head circumference of 18.5" (87th percentile). You are wearing 9m clothing for the most part. Six month footies are definitely a thing of the past, but some rompers and onesies still fit. It won't be for much longer though! Your diapers are still at the medium stride with two rows of snaps open. 

Your nursing schedule has been modified a little. You are nursing/having a bottle at 6, 9, 12, 3, and 7 now. Instead of 6 then 8, we split the difference and then you go to bed right after. It's been wonderful! I don't have to nurse you to sleep like I did your brother. Sometimes you fall asleep while nursing, but if you don't I can just lay you down in your crib anyway. You may fuss once or twice, but you suck on your fingers and snuggle with your lovie and blanket and are out within minutes. Hallelujah!

You still don't want to crawl. You like to sit on your play mat with all your toys and watch the world around you. If something rolls out of your reach you will stretch and lean just as far as you possibly can to get it back. Sometimes this backfires, you lose your balance, and end up falling on your face. You definitely don't appreciate when this happens haha.

We brought you into the pool for the first time this month. You loved it! I know you'll be a water baby just like your brother. You float around and splash the water, completely content. You're such a good sport when Bubba accidentally splashes you or makes waves with all of his jumps.

I'm very thankful that you don't show many signs of separation anxiety. As long as we give you a few minutes to feel someone out, you don't seem too afraid. You do so well during daycare drop off or in the nursery during church. Everyone marvels at just how happy you are! 

Bubs and sissy at nine months

Look at my girl grow!

All my love, 

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