Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 19th

Danny and I traveled to Clemson again for the Boston College game. When we woke up Saturday morning it was pretty ugly outside. It was dreary and rain was bound to show up at some point in the day. Danny's sister had mentioned that her, her mom, and the kids were going to go shopping in Asheville. As I looked outside I weighed my options -- sit at a cold rainy game OR go shopping in Asheville. Which do you think I picked?

I kissed Danny goodbye as he headed to campus and I was off with Kathy and the kids to pick up Harriette on the way. We had a good time (well I always have a good time shopping). They introduced me to a discount china shop. It's a store that receives all the leftovers from department stores and guess what? They had my dog dishes (Woodland by Spode in case you're wondering). I am completely in love with my dog dishes even though they weren't my first pick for wedding china. Danny and I had already picked out Ethereal by Wedgewood and then later down the line I spotted Woodland. I specifically loved the hunting dog line and tada, we now have two china patterns.

Ethereal by Wedgewood (our first china pattern)

Woodland Hunting Dogs by Spode (our second and my favorite)

The main purpose for the trip was to go to this to-die-for fabric shop that Kathy and Harriette always talk about, Waechters. It was pretty fantastic, but with fantastic fabric comes un-fantastic prices. I ended up buying three different fabrics to make a dress for me, a jacket for me, and a dress for Ashley. I really need to stop buying fabric and just finish the projects I already have!
After the fabric store we made a stop by the Biltmore gift shop to pick up some wine. We had planned to get ice cream as well but found out the shop had closed. After some searching in the GPS we found a Cold Stone to satisfy everyone. Nothing like ending a shopping trip with some sweets.

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