Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 26th

Arrrrgggggg matey! For Shannon's birthday she had a pirate themed murder mystery party. It was too much! Unfortunately the week before the party Georgia was hit by a lot of rain and Shannon's parents' basement was flooded. The party was planned before the rain and now we didn't have a basement to have it in. Shannon's neighbors offered up their house, but last minute we decided to wing it and have it at her parents' house anyway. It was still a blast.

Everyone dressed up for the occassion, even the dog Riley. I think Shannon's father's get-up was by far the best. He took some creative liberty with his character and decided to be a gay captain. Hilarious! The best part of the night was that I won! Johanna and I were the only two to guess the murderer correctly. Memories were made!

Whitney & Matt

Riley the pirate dog

Mickey making his entrance

Shannon dancing

best friends

she'll slit your throat

Kelly and Ashley

break it down

it was a bit hot

he's been murdered!


the winners!

Shannon blowing out her candles

Martha breaking it down with her two daughters

David and Shannon

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