Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 1st - 4th

Danny and I traveled with the band this weekend for the Maryland game. I was so excited because we got a whole day in DC and I had never been before. The drive up there, the game, and the drive back were no fun, but I had a blast during the day we spent in the city.

We saw tons and I swear walked nearly 6 miles (maybe more)! We went to some of the Smithsonians, saw the memorials during the day and lit up at night, saw the White House, and went to Arlington. All were very impressive. Oh yea, and we saw a stinky football game as well.

hole in the wall restaurant in Lynchburg, VA

I had this

and Danny had these

Hope Diamond!

the ruby slippers (I secretly hate this movie)

Julia Child's kitchen!

my great-grandparents are buried in Arlington

JFK and Jackie

soldier at the tomb of the unknown soldier

the cheerleaders were more interesting than the game

baby Dabo

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