Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20th

I'd been hearing the commercials on the radio for days now. It's fair season! And with the fair comes the fair food. How's a girl supposed to be on a diet when everything is deep fried? Did you know they now have deep fried bacon? That seems like a bit much for me (and a bit disgusting).

Tonight we went to the fair with Tara, Michael, and Riley. Riley was a hoot. They had purchased a bracelet for him so he could have unlimited rides. Riley would come barreling out of the ride and run right back to the start to go through again. It made it easy for us to talk as he just kept doing laps through the ride.

So let's talk about the food we all consumed that night:
turkey leg
hot dog
corn dog
cotton candy
caramel apple
milk shake
funnel cake
fisk fries...

I did not eat all of this by myself (thank goodness) but I did have entirely too much. Pretty sure it was enough calories for an entire week, but it happens only once a year!

Riley running through one of the fun houses, lap 5 or 6 probably

bumper cars

Danny playing with Riley

being a monkey

Riley, Tara, and Michael

standard picture

me and Tara

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