Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 24th

You know how they say, “a sucker is born every day”? Well on April 18, 1986 that sucker was me. While at the fair this past week, Danny and I were walking around the booths looking at all the products you can buy. We had stopped at a booth that sold concrete flower pots, benches, bird baths, etc and the booth next to that was the Rainbow Vacuum booth. They were having a contest to guess the amount of money they had flying around in a container and while Danny and I were filling out the little form to drop in the box the salesman started his spiel about how amazing this vacuum is. Normally I can count on Danny to be my rock and tell sales people to buzz off, but when they asked if we would like to sign up for a home demonstration he answered, “Up to you sweetie.” Ugh! Seriously?? You’re putting this on me?!

I couldn’t say no. I can never really say no. At 10am this morning the Rainbow people were at our front door with vacuum in hand. Six hours later they left, we had a new vacuum, and I experienced my first anxiety attack. If you know what a Rainbow Vacuum is and you know what they cost then you can understand, if you don’t, Google it.

It is an amazing vacuum and I do love it, but it still pains me to know I spent that much…on a vacuum. The worst part of it was when they took our old vacuum with them. Apparently it’s part of the whole “deal” you’re getting. I see where they’re coming from because you’re not going to really need the old one, but that was my vacuum! I had just gotten it (well maybe almost a year ago, but still). I could have used it for outside or the garage or sold it for money to help pay off the new one...I guess I need to just let go.

After that whole ordeal I went to my parents’ house to clean out the attic. My mom had been saying that since I’m all grown up now with an attic of my own she would really like some of her attic space back. We crawled up there to start pulling all of my stuff down. Holy that's a lot of junk, Batman! I was such a sentimental pack rat as a child. I kept every stuffed animal, every doll, every little trinket ever received and shoved it all into my parents’ attic. Mom and I completely filled my car and there’s plenty more for a second and maybe even third load. I’ve got a lot of organizing to do...

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