Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18th

Danny took me shopping in Greenville. I adore shopping in Greenville. I feel like there is just so much more in Greenville than in Columbia. We had been talking about the new boot trend this season and both agreed that I should have a pair of my own. After a little hunting I settled on a pair of Willow boots by Baker and I absolutely love them!

I love them so much I now really want them in black and grey as well. I'm a size 9 for anyone considering getting them for me for Christmas *wink wink*. With the new boots I also got two pairs of skinny jeans from Victoria's Secret (of all places). I had always thought that the skinny jean was reserved for the skinny girl, but Danny has me convinced otherwise. He says that the skinny jean flatters a girl's curves, and I've got plenty, while on a stick straight girl it just doesn't look right. Anyone else feel this way?

We finished up the shopping with a trip to my favorite place for cheap home decor, Garden Ridge. If you have never been here I highly suggest it. I was introduced to the marvelousness last Christmas season and have been counting down till we could go back since. Unfortunately we were still a little early for holiday decorations, but we did get a new rug for the living room. The current one that Danny's mom had given us was nice, but was long past its prime. Besides, I always love change!

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