Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17th

Danny and I once again made the trek to Clemson for the Wake Forest game, and once again it was! We did manage to tailgate before the game and make some breakfast but it was a little more rushed than I had hoped for. The game itself was fun. I stayed on the field during the game because I just didn't want to fight for a seat up in the stands. It also happened to be Twirler and Dancer for a Day which includes keeping track of (what seems like) millions of little girls.

Tiger Guard at 90 Minutes Before Kickoff


feature twirler, Kerri

Tigers waiting at the top of the hill

the Tiger doing push-ups for points

Tiger Dancers

Tiger Twirlers

Danny lighting Kerri's fire batons

the student section loves when she twirls fire

Tiger Guard

Tiger Dancers

After the game ended we met up with a friend of Danny's, Amanda, to meet her two little boys. We had dinner at Golden Corral, which I had never been to. It wasn't bad, but I thought kind of expensive for a buffet.

When we got home my niece Ashley and I made Halloween cookies. I had brought cookie cutters, sugar cookie dough, Halloween themed sprinkles, and orange icing. Making holiday cookies with Ashley had become a little mini tradition between the two of us. We've made Christmas cookies for the past 3 years now I believe. It's getting more and more fun as she gets older and can do more on her own. Hopefully we'll continue this for years to come.

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