Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31st

Clemson homecoming happened to fall on Halloween this year and how perfect is it that Clemson's color are orange and purple. The Tigers were matched against Coastal Carolina. We wore our orange jerseys and they wore their black jerseys -- very festive. The game was a victory for us, but extremely wet victory. It didn't just drizzle during the game, it poured. Around halftime I wimped out and left to change clothes, but Danny stuck it out.

After the game Tiger Band piled into activity buses and headed to perform at the 1A/3A State Band Competition. It made for a long day but it's fun to see how excited high school bands get when they see Tiger Band perform.

Here are the only two pictures I took because it started raining too hard to have the camera out:

Danny with Kerri's batons

me and my bestest Shannon

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