Thursday, May 6, 2010

comfort foods

I find the way we link things together in our memories to be amazing. I know people often associate smells with a certain moment. The scent can bring you to an exact point in your life and a snap shot pops into your head. For me food can do the same. I adore food, but certain food is just...comforting. Most have to do with my grandmother.

Coffee Milk
Not chocolate, not strawberry, coffee. Weekends were often spent at my grandparents' house having sleepovers. After changing into pajamas for the evening, we would gather in the family room to watch tv and my grandmother would make me a glass of coffee milk accompanied by my next comfort food...

Raisin Bran
This probably explains my obsession with having cereal for dinner. The hubs thinks it's weird, but I love it. During the college years when I was eating dinner alone, no one was there to stop me from having a bowl of cereal.

PB & J Sandwiches
I understand about 99% of kids have had PB & J sandwiches, but mine were special. My mom would take cookie cutters to make them into fun shapes. After I got into the car accident and was stuck in bed for the entire summer, I requested PB & J cookie cutter sandwiches more times than I could count. It didn't matter that I was 18, it made me feel better.

Ginger Ale
Glass bottles of Shweppes ginger ale could always been found in my grandparents fridge. My grandmother would always put a straw in the bottle. Perfect.

IBC Root Beer
Unlike the ginger ale, the root beer was always kept in the pantry. Most likely because only the grandchildren drank it. I can still remember making a special trip to the pantry to grab two bottles to put in the fridge for later.

Dunkin Donuts Boston Cream Donuts
Besides the fact that these suckers are beyond yummy, they're a bit special. Sunday mornings were spent picking up donuts on the way to my uncle's house for breakfast. I always picked the Boston Cream one. I can't eat Boston Cream donuts from anywhere besides Dunkin Donuts. 

What foods take you back? What are your comfort foods?


  1. For me it is smells. I can open the face to the grandfather clock at my parents' house, and it smells just like my grandpa's house. He collected clocks, and that one came from his home.

    The problem with smells is you can't always avoid them. I have strong adverse reactions to certain smells! Vanilla? Get it away from me. I once had a seizure (at the dentist office if all places), and it smelled like vanilla in the room. Now I associate the two!

  2. Nestles Cocoa, 10 cent Cokes--yes I'm OLD! lol!

    Banana Moon Pies--I know yuk right!


  3. Dad's french toast and baked macaroini (not together)
    Gummy's stuffed peppers and gulosh
    Nana's chocolate chip pudding cookies and sugar cookies.

  4. Kale Soup and Portuguese Rolls...sigh...I really miss them, and Memere too!

  5. OMG, I'm dying for Dunkin Donuts NOW! Cupcakes and fried chicken do the trick for me! And bubbly. Lots o' bubbly!