Saturday, May 22, 2010

fashion show at the race track

Greetings from the Lowes Motor Speedway! The hubs and I decided to take a trip to Charlotte to go to the All Star race. I have mixed feelings about my very first Nascar race, but the hubs assured me this was the best one to ease me in. It's a shorter race where everyone is just busting to win the cash prize at the finish line. Of course a promise to go outlet shopping tomorrow tipped the scales in his favor.

We checked into our hotel, where they gave us each a fresh homemade chocolate chip cookie, and then made our way to go tailgate.

If you ever want to witness some amazing people watching, a Nascar event is the place to go. We lucked out and ended up parking a couple car lengths from a large group of college kids. The hubs first question was, "So do you think that's a sorority with all of their boyfriends or a fraturnity with all of their girlfriends?" After some time observing we concluded it had to be a fraturnity with all of their girlfriends. The girls were all over the spectrum in their style and personalities to make it a sorority.

I have to say they have made for some excellent fashion viewing. The hubs is better than your best girlfriend when it comes to critiquing the latest trends. We've discussed belting dresses to combat the preggo affect, shorts that are so short the pockets stick out of the bottom, jumpers, and gladiator sandals.

We have determined that I can embrace the jumper trend as long as I stay away from floral patterns and ruffles. We were lucky enough to see a girl wearing a jumper that incorporated both of these things resulting in one hot grandma looking mess.

Also for our viewing pleasure: an I heart beaver t-shirt, a guy in cut off jean overalls, orange hunting hats, girls in cowboy boots, cut off jean shorts in all lengths on guys, large men sporting their fav driver on their t-shirt, and an occassional prep in a polo and boat shoes thrown in for good measure.

If you follow me on twitter, I posted pics of the first two. So far it's been a good day haha!


  1. Here's a thought-- Nascar meets Carolina Cup! How would that be for a wardrobe party????


  2. I wish my hubs got into it. When I make him watch Real Housewives with me and I critique the outfits...he rolls his eyes an says...I'm not Megan...Megan's my P.I.C./bestie!