Wednesday, May 5, 2010

welcome home wednesday: the living room

Onto the next room in our house! Sorry for such a late post. I could have sworn I already wrote the post and had it set up to publish this morning. Se la vi...

Looking into the living room from the dining room. The furniture looks a bit hodge podge in the pictures, but I think it looks better in person.

The hallway to the bedrooms off the left of the living room. The rocking chair was from Danny's godmother I believe. It'll be perfect when we have babies.

Our old couch is a sleeper sofa which would be why we still have it. I plan on making a slip cover to liven it up a bit.

The hubs and our friend Matt mounted the new tv over the fireplace. It was a bit weird at first, but now I love having it there.

The window looks into our backyard and quite frequently you can see a puppy peeking through. Waldo would be the handsome devil lounging on the couch.

Our new couch. It may be green but I'm in love. It's soooo comfortable and perfect for lounging.

The couch was just made for this corner. It fits perfectly.

Looking at the dining room from the living room.

Built in shelves that even have a display light.

Close up of the shelves. Obviously we're Clemson fans. Most of our collection fits here. I love the picture hanging to the right. My sister-in-law stumbled upon it at a local store in Clemson and it just happens to be of me when I was in Tiger Band!

More Clemson memorabilia. 

The hubs recently received these civil war prints from his parents, one for Christmas and one for his birthday.

I love being organized. These shelves were originally a faux wood grain, but add a can (or two) of black spray paint and viola! It now matches and holds all of our DVDs...and yes they are alphabetized. 

Another little shelf that we sprayed black. This one holds overflow movies, video games, controllers, and the such.

Our diplomas! So proud of these babies.

The tiger in the center was another piece painted by my grandmother. Crazy thing is that she passed away a couple years before I even thought about college, let alone Clemson. When I saw the tiger painting just sitting in her house I knew it was meant for me. I always feel connected to her through it, like somehow she knew my future.

My love bug devil kitty. Talk about a personality!

Hope you enjoyed the walk through my living room. Every night when I sit down to blog, you can find me nestled in the corner of my lovely green couch with junky tv playing in the background (you know RHONY, the Hills, the CIty, the really good stuff).


  1. Cute room. Your couch looks super comfy! Perfect for junky TV (how God intended TV to be).

  2. i love the new couch!! and i love the kitty sitting under the tiger painting!

  3. I love this tour! Can't wait to see the rest. So far I think the kitchen is my fave, but you definitely have a lovely house.