Wednesday, May 12, 2010

welcome home wednesday: the craft room

The next room on the tour is my little sanctuary, my little slice of heave, my craft room. I love being creative and having a specific space to do anything I want. Here's where my room comes into play:

This was the only room that needed to be painted right away. It previously had lime green and grey squares on the walls. The hubs let me paint it two shades of pink!

The closet.

My mom gave me the chest of drawers. She refinished it herself and I just loved it, so instead of selling it at a consignment store she let me have it. I have it filled with all my craft supplies.

My old day bed is in this room. I just like to have the option of an extra bed just in case, plus I have lots of craft supplies stored underneath it.

The hanging light fixture was left by the previous owner, but had lime green shades. A little switcheroo and it makes for the perfect light over the table.

My craft table and tack board. 

A look into the closet. Of course it's filled with more craft things! It's all nice and neat though so I can find everything.

My ballerina painting was the very first painting my grandmother made for me. I danced for 15 years and miss it terribly.

You can't tell from this picture, but that's my playboy lava lamp. We got it on our honeymoon in Vegas.

My very special stuffed animals. Each one has a story.

My goose girl painting. Another one by Memere.

I never realized just how many year books we have until I put them all in one spot.

This poem always hung in my grandmother's kitchen and I made it my mission to memorize it and recite it back to her every time I visited. This isn't the original. We learned calligraphy in high school and this was my project.

My perfect little nook. I can scrapbook, sew, paint...whatever I want.


  1. I love your craft room. Its very "YOU".

  2. Wow - lucky you with a whole craft room to yourself! (I recognize those stamp pads! I was a SU demonstrator once)

  3. Cute!! So cozy. And so organized! Do you consult out for home projects?? ( :

  4. I have all my yearbooks too! Also, I too danced for exactly 15 years and I miss it EVERYDAY.

  5. Pink?? Lucky lady! My hubs is not so much cooperative when it comes to pink in our house. HA!