Sunday, May 9, 2010

weekend wrap-up

Thursday: Our friends Kristen and Jason came over for dinner. The hubs and I went to Clemson with both of them. Jason's sister was my roommate for a year and we all met through Tiger Band. Ironically, Jason is now preaching at a church right down the road from where we live. I love going to hear his sermons. I feel much more connected to his church than any other because I know Jason personally. Well they weren't able to come to our house warming so we caught up over dinner instead. I experimented on them with a new recipe but luckily everyone loved it.

Friday: We went to Miyabi's for what's becoming our standard Friday night meet up. The hubs was supposed to go to the Ironman 2 movie afterwards but the show was sold old.

Saturday: The pups got much needed baths. They were well beyond due. We loaded up the car to head to Clemson/Easley/Greenville and swung by the mall to get the hubs his new toy. Our friend Carl got him limited edition Oakley Mosey Oak sunglasses. I think they're extremely redneck therefore the hubs is in love.

On the way to Clemson, I called to see if the fabric store in Iva happened to be open this weekend. Just my luck, it was! This place is to die for. Fabric heaven! We were on a bit of a time crunch, but if we weren't I think I could have spent hours in there. We ended up leaving with these:

Fabric to make throw pillows for the new couch. We weren't aiming for a perfect match, but it certainly is dang close.

Fabric to recover the old couch. I was going to just make a slip cover but the hubs wants to attempt to fully cover the whole thing. We'll see how this project goes.

Close up. It's just a very neutral color, but I think the new green couch makes enough of a statement on its own.

That evening we headed to the hubs' godparents' house for dinner to celebrate George's 85th birthday. This was the entire reason we traveled this weekend. You only turn 85 once! It was nice to spend time with family even if they aren't blood related.

Sunday: The mother-in-law came to have breakfast with all of us before she headed to Atlanta with my sister-in-law and niece to see Princess Diana's wedding dress...again. Whatever floats your boat, right? We gave her etched glasses with an S on them from the Crystal Shoppe for mother's day. Unfortunately the hubs let her open them while I was in the shower so I didn't get to see her reaction. She said she loves them though. 

After they left we headed to Greenville so the hubs could help his dad dig out a push lawn mower he wanted to give us. I took a nap. I'm such a helpful wife. We then ate at Stax Omega. I love eating at Stax, yum. When we got home the hubs fiddled with the mower a bit and it started right up. He mowed our front yard so we don't look ghetto anymore. I'm sure our neighbors appreciate it. 

Now we're ending the night with a glass of pinot noir and a movie. I love Sundays.

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  1. Jason being a preacher is ironic to only those of us who knew him in college. haha

    I know he's fantastic at it though!

    And I love your fabric choices! Good luck on the sofa recovering...that's a big job ahead of you!