Wednesday, May 19, 2010

welcome home wednesday: the guest room

I know, I know I've been seriously lacking in the posts department. It's not that I don't have stuff to write about, it's more that I'm too lazy to sit down and post. Either way here's the next installment of welcome home wednesday. I loved the way our guest room looked at the rental house. In the new house, it's just - eh. The walls need to be painted or something.

Little Miss Sophia would be the kitty in the picture. We try to keep the animals out of the guest room for our friends that are allergic, therefore when the door is open they all rush to explore the forbidden.

I really love how we have an actual matching bedroom set. Here's the dressing table. Too bad it's in our guest room and not the master (reason being because the bed is a full and our master bed is a queen).

Notice the lovely pile of computers on the floor. Seriously how many does one man need?

I keep all of our curtains closed so the house will stay cooler and I was too lazy to open the curtain back up before taking pictures - it was night time any way. 

My first try at a picture collage. They always seem so much prettier in magazines. 

In the old guest room I painted the walls a blue-grey color and the red comforter really popped. I'd like to paint the walls that color again.

Close up of the pictures on top of the bookcase. And why yes, we do live in the south. Why do you ask?

My Coca-Cola polar bear lamp and alarm clock. 

Close ups of the collage.

My high school marching band awards and the hubs' boy scout eagle awards.

More eagle stuff and hubs in his high school ROTC uniform.

I love the picture in the bottom left corner. Hubs used to go on bateau trips down the James River (I think James) and that's him passed out on top of the crate on the bateau (boy on the left).

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