Saturday, January 29, 2011

want a cup of tea?

Once my family moved to the south, we quickly learned that phrase meant something completely different. In the south tea means sweet tea, cold over ice sweet tea. What we were used to was hot tea. The kind you flavor with a cinnamon stick and honey.

My grandmother, mother, and I have always been hot tea drinkers. I can remember going to my grandmother's house and always finding a tea bag sitting on the counter. She was a thrifty woman who insisted tea bags could be used more than once, more than twice even.

My mom always kept a honey bear in the cupboard ready to squeeze into a steaming hot cup of tea whenever needed and sometimes if it was a special cup of tea she'd even plop in a cinnamon stick.

Did you know a hot cup of tea can cure practically anything? Sore throat - cup of tea. Headache - cup of tea. Tired - cup of tea. Can't wake up - cup of tea. Bad day - cup of tea. Honestly though, it didn't matter the ailment that the cup of tea was needed for, it was the togetherness that really mattered. Whatever it was, sitting down with those women chatting over a cup a tea made it all better.

I even had my own special tea cup and saucer at my grandmother's house which now sits in my china cabinet, waiting on a future daughter to have tea with me. I have my grandmother's collection of tea cups and saucers {and trust me there are a tons of them} waiting to be used. I'd love to host a party where everyone dresses in their Sunday best and we sit and eat cucumber sandwiches and drink tea. The only thing missing would be some fun teapots.

I started searching around the internet and came across a whole slew of fun whimsical teapots.

Below are the two teapots that match our china. Surprisingly, I do not own either of them. I believe I need to remedy this situation.

unfortunately I don't believe there is a teapot in the Spode Woodland Hunting Dogs pattern

To this day my mother still offers me tea when I go to her house. There's a pretty good chance I will be greeted with those comforting words, "hey honey, want a cup of tea?"

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  1. This is probably my favorite post of yours. The Power of Tea!