Monday, January 3, 2011


Christmas is definitely a marathon day for us. We try and pack everything we can the night before since we wake up early enough as it is (I'm sure even earlier once little ones come along). The first part of the day is spent just the two of us opening each other's gifts. Then we move onto my parents' house and breakfast. The day ends at the hubs' sister's house and us crashing hard. It's a great {long} day.

looking a little sleepy

custom clemson oakleys c/o the most awesome wife in the world {me!}

the aftermath

on the way to my parents house. Ella is ready!

Shiloh is still sleepy

little elves always steal Daddy's keys and hide them from him, so Mom got him a key finder

Casey opening the blanket I slaved over

yea, it's pretty freakin' huge

Santa brought him...rice? (as well as tools and a how to book on sushi making)

he got an ipad and he was pretty shocked

Daddy looks like he's about to go for a ride in his motorcar

more embroidered MFP shirts

opening my new gorgeous red pea coat {very Audrey Hepburn}

the hubs got a gun safe, yay!

BJ with his bone

new tote for the big mo

on the road again

Kevin's gift was a pretty genius idea

a pool table cover!

already in use haha

Eric knows how Christmas works this year and he was all about opening gifts as fast as possible

Miss Ashley with her new purse


stacking all the boxes

he was pretty happy with himself

playing don't break the ice

good girls


and to wrap up the day, it started snowing

my pups LOVE the snow

the hubs loves the snow too

isn't she a sight? pink jacket, nightgown, leggings, and boots

And that was my whirlwind Christmas. Did yours go just as quickly?

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