Monday, January 24, 2011

weekend happenings

This weekend went all too quickly as it normally does. It was a mixture of house keeping and fun.

Saturday I woke up with an urge to clean clean clean. It happens every so often where I just need to organize, purge, scrub, etc. Since the hubs was asking for certain files for our taxes I decided to revamp our files all together. Does anyone else have a hard time keeping important documents straight? I never know how to categorize them and exactly what I should keep. Suggestions? I think that's a topic they should be teaching in high school. File keeping 101.

Another chore that always leaves me baffled - laundry. I do laundry every weekend. Most weeks I have three loads: mine, his, and bleachable whites. This week I had seven loads: mine, his, bleachable whites, towels, bedding, comforter, and thrown blankets. I'm still working on the laundry and won't finish till tomorrow. I can't imagine how many loads I'll have to do when little ones come along.

Saturday night we met up with two of our favorite couples, the Antleys and the Cegelis, for dinner. We went to Pawley's Front Porch to celebrate the hubs birthday. I sure do love hanging out with these people. I always get a good belly laugh listening to the stories. I'm sure the waiter wasn't happy that we took up one of his tables for two hours, but it was such fun!

Sunday started out with more house work: laundry, grocery shopping, cutting coupons, but I just couldn't make myself vacuum. I don't know what it is, but I absolutely hate vacuuming. I even have a fancypants Rainbow vacuum cleaner and I still have no desire to vacuum. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow...

Sunday evening we met up with the hubs parents for dinner as they were headed back to Greenville from Myrtle Beach.

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