Sunday, January 16, 2011

sunday rituals

Even though Sunday is the last day of freedom before the work week starts again, I have to say it's usually my favorite out of the two. It's a day the follows the same basic routine every time.

The hubs and I wake up late, but not too late, normally around 9 o'clock, and we put on robes and sweatshirts preparing ourselves to stay in pajamas the majority of the day. It's then time for breakfast. Sunday is the only day we ever make a big breakfast. Sometimes we have pancakes, sometimes waffles, sometimes eggs.

This morning the hubs made turkey sausage patties, eggs with ham and cheese, and toast with jam. Yum! 

We always enjoy our breakfast while watching CBS Sunday Morning and then we move onto the Sunday paper. I cut out all the coupons while the hubs thumbs through the rest. It's a very peaceful morning and I love it.

Do you have a Sunday ritual?


  1. Our Sunday ritual is going to church. Jason leaves a lot earlier than I do, however. We then come home and have lunch or either run errands after church. :-) It's pretty much like that every Sunday. Sometimes I wish we could just be lazy though.

  2. Ate leftovers from dinner out last night! hahaha!
    Love mexican food in the morning! :)