Tuesday, January 18, 2011

snow day

It snowed in the south!!!! As much fun as snow is, when the white fluffy stuff visits the south the majority tend to hit the panic button {repeatedly}. 

Schools close before the first flake has made its way to the ground. 

The bread, milk, and eggs are so quickly cleared off the shelves that all I can think is, "a lot of people sure like making french toast on snow days." 

You can't find firewood anywhere.

Everyone's facebook status changes to "it's the snowpocalypse!"

the pups *love* the snow

gearing up to go outside

they get so excited over snowballs

not just a light dusting

pooped pups

Ella cut her paw :(

We had fun playing around but a week later there's still snow patches here and there. I'm ready for it to go away - ha!