Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a low key new year's eve

This new year's eve may have been on the quiet side but it was filled with fun nonetheless. The bestie and her new beau came for a long weekend visit Thursday through Sunday. I love spending time with her and because of her little spill we had missed out on three previously planned play dates. This visit was long over due!

The entire time was laid back and lazy. We slept late, stayed in our pjs half the day, and made pancakes. New year's eve we all went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner {I had coupons!} followed by lots of fireworks. New year's day we ate pork roast, black-eyed peas, and collards while chatting away with my family. Perfection.

putting my new woozie {wine koozie} to good use

the boys getting ready to blow stuff up

so it may not have been cold enough to wear my hat from Biltmore, but I couldn't resist

so if you'll notice, the placement on the first batch wasn't exactly ideal unless ideal is right beneath a tree

the bestie with her boy (toy) friend

champagne? yes please

his redneck-ness is starting to wear off

family portrait - ha!

Next up, my new year's resolution. {yes I actually thought of a realistic one this time}

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