Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I resolve to...

This year will be different. This year I have a better chance of following through on my resolutions. Want to know how I know this? Because my resolutions are actually realistic! No crazy things like "lose 30 lbs" or "no more sugar" because honestly neither of those are doable for me.

This year one of my resolutions is to get back on a schedule. Sounds simple right? That's because it is. It's all going to start with menu planning. If I plan out our meals for the week and do the appropriate grocery shopping that takes away time wasted trying to figure out what to cook. Instead I can pull out what I need to the night before to defrost and when I get home from work I can get right to cooking.

Hopefully with my extra time I can get back into a work out routine. How hard is it to do something active for 30 minutes? I can totally do it. The benefit of this resolution is to hopefully {fingers crossed} get into shape. I'll be eating healthy since I'll take the time to pick out recipes and cook fresh foods and I'll be active. Win all around!

My other resolution is to stop wasting time. Now I'm not about to give up tv. That's just crazy talk. I will still watch all my shows that are on our dvr, but as soon as the hubs turns the tv to football or some military program I need to get my butt up off the couch.

I have a million projects that need to be finished. The goal is to get up and work on one of them. The whole point of my craft room is to craft and be able to close the door if I'm in the middle and return to it the next day.

So here's to 2011 and getting stuff done!


  1. Sounds like good resolutions! You should share your meal plan on the blog and give the rest of us ideas!

  2. All good resolutions! Rock on, girl!

    I know what you mean about needing to get up when the TV goes to something you don't want to watch. Sometimes I find myself watching 30 minutes of Call of Duty and I don't even care! The couch just haha! I hope you are totally successful with your resolutions!