Friday, January 7, 2011

menu planning

So I mentioned that part of my new year's resolution is to menu plan. I had a few requests {ok really only one, thanks Meagan!} to post what I'm cooking.

kielbasa with onions, green bell peppers, and black beans - my own recipe
homemade cornbread - recipe found on internet a long time ago and then hand written on a notecard

creamy spinach chicken with pasta - weight watchers
cornbread from Monday

lasagna - my sister-in-law's recipe
more cornbread (hey the recipe makes 9 squares and there's only two of us)

layered tortilla bake - found it written down on my computer
spanish rice - from a bag, add water lol
(this has already changed - after a long day and grocery shopping I ended up popping a pizza in the oven instead)

turkey burgers - from cook this, not that cookbook
homemade fries - cook this, not that
spinach salad - all me

frittata with toasted deli flats - cook this, not that
roasted red potatoes - cook this, not that
(again this one will be changing. we're meeting up with people and ordering super yummy village idiot pizza. maybe I'll make it for lunch instead)

dijon chicken - cook this, not that
scalloped potatoes - from a box (hubs loves them)
green beans - nothing fancy with these

As you might have noticed I have a new favorite cook book. Santa brought me Cook This, Not That for Christmas and as I was flipping through it I began to fall in love. With each recipe it gives you a restaurant comparison showing you how many calories you're saving yourself and even better, how much money you're saving. Pretty neat huh?

Let me know if you'd like recipes. I can either post them here or email them to you. What are you making for dinner?


  1. Thanks! Creamy spinach pasta recipe and Dijon chicken recipe and tortilla bake recipe PLEASE! You're the best!

  2. Sounds like a cool recipe book! I wanna check it out when we come over for dinner!