Monday, July 30, 2012

our weekend

Hey y’all! I’m running off four and a half hours of sleep and a large cup of coffee this morning. This whole being an adult thing is kicking my butt. I’m sure most of you are thinking, “well you shouldn’t have had a baby if you weren’t ready for sleepless nights” and my response to that is ha! The baby went to bed at 8 and slept soundly. It’s this moving business that’s keeping the hubs and I up late late late.

We left Friday night for another weekend of working on the Irmo house. I honestly don’t know how we would have moved out in time if we had to sell the house or already had renters lined up. We keep thinking our to-do list isn’t that bad and yet there’s still stuff left to do!

Some things we accomplished this weekend:
  • paint the garage {hubs}
  • clean the back porch {me}
  • paint the nursery ceiling and walls {hubs} {no more circus nursery boohoo}
  •  rehang ceiling fans in nursery and living room {hubs}
  • mount microwave {hubs} {but I helped put in the screws!}
  • scrub all three bathrooms {me}
  • clean carpet {me} {our cats don’t like change and started peeing on the carpet as soon as they saw the moving boxes} {two jugs of vinegar and two sam’s club sized bags of baking soda later, I’m making headway but it’s still a work in progress}
  • mow grass {hubs}
  • fix light switch fiasco in dining room {hubs} {we found out that a three way switch would actually turn off the power to multiple outlets if we turned the light on with one, but turned it off with another}
  • pack up tools, paint supplies, and cleaning supplies in kitchen then clean counter tops and floors {me}
  • clean up yard and load things on trailers such as 4-wheeler, mopeds, air compressors, etc. {hubs}
  • lay down grass seed over dirt that filled in pool hole {hubs}
As you can see from the list, the hubs did so much more than I did. He deserves an award, a gold medal, or at least a giant milkshake! We didn't get back to Spartanburg until 12:20 am and then still had to unload the cars, get the baby inside, get my bags ready for work the next day, and the hubs needed to shower. We both fell into bed at 1:30 in the morning. 

I was going to fuss about how tired I am and how ready I am for all the moving and unpacking to be finished {and I am!} but in the middle of writing this post I received news that my previous place of work will be shutting its doors at the end of the year. I am blessed. If we had not moved I would be faced with being laid off at the end of the year. So in the midst of all our crazy, God has blessed us. 

He revealed part of His plan for our little family and now all I can be is grateful. 

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  1. God is so good with His timing, isn't he? Hope y'all find some time to rest!