Tuesday, July 24, 2012

tips and tricks: the passy

I'm linking up again with Meagan for Tips and Tricks Tuesdays for Moms. The theme seems to be swimming and swim lessons, but Quinn hasn't started yet so I don't really have any tips for that ha!

Instead I'm going to tell y'all about a little trick I figured out one day. Quinn has hit a stage that when he gets over-tired and starts crying, not much seems to comfort him. I know deep down that if I can get him to take the pacifier, it will sooth him and he will fall right asleep. The trick is getting him to stop crying long enough to start sucking on the pacifier. 

After trying and trying for a good ten minutes I had a thought. If I could put something on the end of the pacifier that he would taste, maybe it would get him to stop crying and start sucking! I wet the very end and dip it in the tiniest amount of sugar. Honestly it's such a small amount you can barely see it, but when it touches his tongue the sweetness distracts him just enough so he'll take the passy and finally calm down. 

I've even carried a couple of restaurant style packets of sugar in my purse so I can perform this trick on the go. Works like a charm!

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