Saturday, July 14, 2012

hidden blessings

I believe the bumper on my Highlander is cursed. It's been replaced once before and now it needs to be replaced again....sigh.

I've managed to back into a light pole {that's what caused the first replacement}, back into a brick wall, back into another car that was directly behind me, and just recently back into another car that was backing up the same time as I was. Ok so maybe it isn't so much the bumper being cursed as it is the fact that I just stink at backing up.

After this last mishap, I was planning on having the bumper replaced {again} but I have a $500 deductible so it was going to have to wait until after we moved into the new house.

We have been staying with our friend Molly until we can close on the new house and she has a roommate. The other night her roommate accidentally backed into my car. This is where the hidden blessing comes into play. She just happened to back into the part of the bumper that was already dented. Now instead of me having to pay the $500 deductible to have it fixed, her insurance will cover everything.

I've never been happier to hear my car was hit! Hidden blessings, y'all. Hidden blessings.

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