Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a little bit of yankee, a little bit of y'all

If you don't already know, I lived in Massachusetts until I was 14 when my parents moved my little brother and me down south to South Carolina. You could say it was a bit of a culture shock, but most things were a welcomed change. There's a lot I love about the southern way and there are still some yankee tendencies that I will never let go of I'm sure.

Yes ma'am, no ma'am
Yes sir, no sir
I was thoroughly confused by this one at first. I will always remember my first day at my new high school when a teacher asked me a question. I politely answered "yes" and was met with the most offended, glaring expression. She muttered, "excuse me??" and all I could do was blink. That was when I was given my first lesson of, "I don't know what you yankees do, but down here we show respect and say 'yes ma'am'.". Yes ma'am.

Now I say ma'am and sir on a regular basis. Doesn't matter how old you are or your relationship to me, I will always use it for fear of another mishap. The hubs and I are raising Quinn to say it as well. He will also call our friends Miss Jessica and Mr. Bryan.

I I can't do it. I cannot eat something that tastes just like it sounds. I'll forever and always be an oatmeal girl.

Dressing up for football games
Love it! I love any excuse to look cute but I'll be completely honest, I don't always follow through. The beginning of football season in the south {and sometimes the entire season} is just so dang hot. I will throw on a pair of shorts and Clemson tee and just call it a day.

Ketchup on eggs
The hubs *hates* when I do this. It totally grosses him out and he has started threatening that I better not teach Quinn "that disgusting habit" haha. Sorry I'm not sorry and I'll never ever stop. Eggs without ketchup gross me out.

Bubbles, john johns, longalls, rompers, etc.
Southern women know how to dress their babies!

Water bubbler
Y'all would call it a water fountain. I don't know how many confused looks I've received when I've mentioned a bubbler but I just can't seem to break the habit and switch to fountain.

Monogrammed everything
I purchased my own embroidery machine just so I could indulge in this southern habit. If I can add a monogram, oh you bet I will.

Aunt vs. Ant
There's a u in the word aunt for a reason ha! I just cannot call someone 'Ant Judy.' It really makes my skin crawl {because an ant is a bug!}.

The list of yankee likes is fairly small compared to my now southern tendencies. I love sweet tea and wearing pearls with jeans. I love seersucker and camo on guys. Clemson is a way of life and tailgating can be done for any event. So at what point would I be considered a southerner and not just a displaced yankee?

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