Tuesday, July 10, 2012

water baby

Since the 4th fell on a Wednesday this year, we had a mini celebration with my family the Saturday before. We decided to take Quinn out to see the fireworks and just see what would happen. There was always a chance that he would freak out and we'd be stuck, but thankfully he loved it.

just chilling out

cool like daddy

I love his patriotic swim trunks and tee

It was really hot that night so we stripped him down to his diaper while we watched the show. You can see how pale my little ginger is compared to my very tan mother ha!

On Tuesday after work, we headed to the hubs' sister's house and spent the night and all day Wednesday there. We took out boat out on Lake Hartwell and enjoyed spending time with his family.

I can't believe Eric is about to be four. He looks so grown in this picture.

Quinn loved just floating around

daddy's first mate

even though we were only out for a couple hours, both babies passed out on Kathy on the way home

We've been so busy with the move and getting our old house packed that it was so nice just to take a day off. We haven't been able to enjoy the summer at all. I hope after we move {two weeks!!} we'll be able to relax some and go out on the boat a bit more before the summer is over.

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