Thursday, July 26, 2012


After a very stressful day and a half {where we weren't sure if we'd be able to close on Friday because of a paperwork situation}, we finally moved into our new house in Spartanburg. With the help of some amazing friends, my wonderful parents, and a husband who practically pre-loaded about 80% of it all the night before, we were able to get all of our belongings into the house on Saturday.

The mess...

The stuff...

The boxes...

Good lord it's everywhere! We are quickly realizing that we might have to give up some furniture pieces because it's looking like it might not all fit! With this move we finally have all of the furniture I inherited from my grandparents' farmhouse. I didn't realize/forgot just exactly what we had. They are all beautiful pieces so figuring out how to make it work has been a challenge.

The other night the hubs and I did some rearranging in our bedroom. We now have my grandparents' matching set of chest of drawers {chests of drawers?} plus a dresser that matches my great-grandmother's mirrored vanity all in our room. As I laid in bed last night I kept thinking to myself, "that used to be the bootie drawer."


They're a memory from my childhood that seemed so normal at the time, but looking back now makes me laugh.

Whenever I would visit my grandparents' house I would always want to take my shoes off. Memere (my grandmother) would insist that if I'm not going to wear shoes then I needed to go to her dresser and pull out a pair of booties from the drawer. They were nothing more than thick fuzzy socks, some with the grippy bottoms so you couldn't slide on the hardwood floors. I always dug around for the ones without the grippies so I could "skate" around the house. She didn't want the bottoms of my socks getting dirty, hence the booties.

As I pulled open the drawer to put my own things inside, my heart fluttered a bit hoping I would see it already filled with booties.

I miss her so much.

Instead I found two pairs of lace gloves, a potpourri packet, a postcard, three pairs of white dress socks, and a palm cross from palm Sunday and I had to laugh.

Damn that woman was a pack rat.

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