Tuesday, March 2, 2010

holy cow y'all

Things have been crazy! I've been a horrible blogger (with good reason) and I have tons to talk about.

Valentine's weekend my bestie was supposed to visit but it snowed. It snowed a lot too, between 6-8 inches! I was so upset. I miss her terribly. Danny and I did play in the snow a bit. He even had us go all the way out to my parents' house so he could play in the snow with both pups. He's such a big kid lol.

The big weekend of moving sure did come faster than I expected. It was a looooooonnnnggggg weekend and boy was I sore. We were very grateful for all the help though. My parents, the Hodges, and Danny's brother-in-law Kevin all came to help. I think we'd still be moving if not for them. We didn't get everything comepletely done the weekend of the 19th but went back this past weekend and finished up. There were some monster dust bunnies that needed to be removed from the house haha.

In the middle of all the moving chaos I still managed to help throw a baby shower at work for Beaty and little miss Tallulah Jane. Beaty went to Clemson so I just had to get Tallulah her very first game day attire. I found an orange tee with a bedazzled tiger paw on it plus tiger paw embroidered socks and hair bows to top it off. I can't wait to see her all decked out this fall!

I've missed the past take me back tuesday and this tuesday is no exception. I'm not even sure which box all my pictures are in at this point. Maybe by next tuesday I'll have found them...maybe. Sorry y'all.

I have the most adorable picture of Danny and Ella that I need to show y'all. I promise I'll post it soon(ish).

Some of you wondered if I ever got a response to my lovely email I sent the Stanley Thermos people. Well guess what...they did! I'm going to get a replacement for free. I knew they would stand behind their product. You can't claim you throw something out of an airplane and not replace it when it gets dented falling out of a car.

I got a sweet award from Mrs. B the other day and I promise I'll do what I'm supposed to as soon as I can! Love you girl!

To add to all the craziness in my life, this week I have jury duty. Talk about timing! At least during the down time I can catch up on blogs on my phone. I'm pretty sure I have over 400 in my reader. If I don't comment as much though I hope you'll understand.

I think I rambled enough for right now. Toodles!

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